G-U-I-DANCE! True Guidance is the Dance between God, u and I!

We’re actually invited to do this all the time – we just forget that this option is available to us – and in our forgetfulness think it’s us, alone, dealing with the world.
Many of us don’t even remember that we’re dancing so we struggle with everything instead of going with the divine flow.
We actually fight love, friendships, help, support, even happiness and abundance – and we think, erroneously, that we have to struggle.
Some of us seem to struggle from birth to death…..and all the time we are actually able to instantly join in a joyful dance of life, if we would only wake up and realise it!

To wake up is to realise that the Divine, you and I are all part of the same infinite and eternal Dance!
We are – at the same time – the dance and the dancer!
Isn’t it time to put on your dancing shoes and dance your way through 2014?
Just listen to God’s loving voice, guiding us through the steps……..”left, right, one step back, left, right…”
That’s real g-u-i-dance!

Please share your own ‘g-u-i-dance’ stories with me so I can share them (anonymously, if you wish) with others via this newsletter! By inspiring others we all make this dance of life richer for one another!
Blessings and hugs to you,


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