Yes, you just read that correctly: It’s perfectly ‘okay’ to be selfish!

In fact, it’s impossible not to be selfish!

And that is a spiritual reality.

Everyone on this planet is selfish: everyone seeks their OWN fulfillment, their own satisfaction, their own happiness.
They seek to live life the way THEY wish to live it.
No-one says “Actually I wanted to do this and go there and have that and believe such and such – but I’ll forego all that to make you happy or enrich your life instead…..”.


Even when people do charitable work they do it because they WANT to: they’re really looking after their own chosen options.

They want to express THEIR heart, THEIR ideas, THEIR thoughts, THEIR yearnings…..

Hey, I’m expressing MY thoughts right now!

What a relief to know it’s okay to be selfish!!

We can stop punishing ourselves and beating ourselves up.

In fact, I believe the Divine (which lives within us, as us) wants us, above all, to make the most of OURSELF. That’s because none of us can make the most of anyone else. We all have to do it for ourself. And if we all did it for ourself what a wonderful world we’d have……a planet filled with happy, joyful, fulfilled people living in peace and harmony.

“How come we’d have harmony if we were all selfish” you ask?

Well, that’s because we’d be SELF-ish.

We’d strive to honour the Divine within, the love and unity we truly are.

To do otherwise is to be egoic.

That’s a very different condition.

When we’re being egoic we go chasing after things like titles and status and money and assets and possessions and approval……… and sticking our noses into other people’s affairs.

That’s a path leading nowhere except loss, sadness, hurt and ultimate disappointment.

The mirror image of Ego is Selflessness.

And selflessness is a sham.

Ghandi went on hunger strikes when people went against his political policies.

The Vatican ignored the cries of the abused when it looked like costing them money and prestige.

Every politician looks after him/her self first.

Krishna lived the life HE wanted to live.

So did Buddha.

So did Jesus.

When you go inside and find the Divine…….what does it want to do, express, experience, enjoy through you?

Go do it.

Go be your True Self!

Blessings and hugs to you,


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