The Return Of The Master

An account of one famous person’s return to Earth to bring a more relevant message for the 21st century. Details 10 Principles for a truly authentic life.

Over 12,000 copies sold in Australia!

Do you believe in ET’s?

I mean, if one came to your home – invited itself to dinner – and then sat down and talked to the family….would you believe it was really happening?

Would you be scared?

Or would you be simply intrigued?

Or do you think the very idea is utter nonsense?

I myself would have agreed with that last statement – at least, I would have done so before The Happening! But then, I was always a sceptic.

And the visitor wasn’t an ET. Far from it.

The visitor was very real, very human – and the last person I’d have wanted to visit, dead or alive!

The visitor said he was Jesus.

“I haven’t told a good parable for 2,000 years” he mused.

This is his story……

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SoulLight 1 – For Getting Real & Living Well (with 66 short chapters)

66 short chapters – each a gem of wisdom – to guide you into true self-empowerment.

We get real and live well when we see through the illusions and delusions of life.

In this volume Les Dyer covers a wide range of topics from self-sabotage through to abundance – in each case challenging the reader to think again about how to effortlessly improve their own responses, reactions and ways of living.

Ample examples are given by this fulltime spiritual counsellor and interfaith retreat director on how to easily change behaviour and move into greater harmony with the Eternal and Divine.

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SoulLight 2 – For Living Truth and Loving Life (with 65 short chapters)

65 short chapters that shine with clarity and take your relationship skills to new heights

We live our truth and love our life when we move away from the delusions of everyday society and embrace the truth, found within, of who we really are.

In this second volume of Soul lights Les Dyer encourages us to let go of the madness of the world and find the sanity of the Soul.

Exercises and challenges are scattered throughout this volume, beautifully written by this long-time interfaith spiritual Teacher and Retreat Director.

Move gently though these pages and allow the Divine within to embrace and show you the path to a deep happiness, full of Light and Love!

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Practical teachings and suggestions for dealing with everyday issues from a non-religious but spiritual perspective. A popular second printing of two previous volumes – Finding The Special Person Who Lives Within and The Greatest Gift Is The Present

Since the late 1980’s Les Dyer has received thousands of extraordinary messages through an ageless spiritual energy calling itself Mordechai.

They form a body of Work known as ‘ The InnerStanding’.

Although brief in form, these messages convey a depth of truth and richness of wisdom which makes them worthy of study by those who seek to authentically live a self-empowered and deeply spiritual life.

This volume takes just 18 of these messages and explores their value and meaning to mankind in the 21st century.

The topics chosen for this volume relate to recognising and owning the specialness of one’s Self; and living fully in the moment.

Includes extensive group exercises for workshop facilitators.

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A compendium of guided meditations for self-mastery and deeper understanding of Self.

This is the ideal companion volume for every meditation facilitator, healer, parent, therapist, minister, spiritual teacher, indeed anyone who utilises visualisation as a vital part of the healing, wholeness or transformative process.

This extensive volume contains fifty fully detailed and creatively rich meditations for both adults and children.

Each is beautifully crafted to appeal to the inner Being; and to allow the release of any blockages that impede the individual from attaining fullness of spirit.

Large print makes each visualisation extra easy-to-read by candleight or in dim room lighting.

Recommended pause durations (sec/min) throughout every meditation assist the reader to achieve optimum effectiveness for their clients or listeners.

Musical accompaniment recommendations (style or specific track) for each meditation help the user to maximise the impact of these superbly crafted and aesthetically wondrous expressions of the inner life.

For group meditation facilitators this volume allows the presentation of a brand new meditation to their group every week for a year.

For therapists, there is a wealth of material to help them support their clients seeking understanding and help with addictions, self-sabotage, poor behavioural choices and inner conflict resolution.

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50 More Meditations For Happiness & Healing

A compendium of guided visualisations for both adults and children seeking emotional or physical healing, inner peace and growth.

A second compendium of beautiful, guided visualizations, including ten created especially for children.

Large format, easy-read print.

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The Little Book of Great Understandings

Great Truths need few words to reveal themselves.

They simply require space to allow themselves to be revealed……and our willingness to allow them to be suffused into our ‘being’.

This is such a book.

The best way is to take it is one page at a time. Read it…..let it roll around the thoughts in your head for a moment……

Then let it pour out like a great wine into your ever-warming heart…..

Finally allow it suffuse the every cell of your being with that sure sense of ‘homecoming’.

You’ll get even more out of this book by meditating on it, one page at a time

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One Year With Gott

Ageless teachings with a modern spin to make them relevant and accessible.

A book that deepens with each reading….

Do you believe in reincarnation, that it’s possible for the Masters of the Past to return to teach us again?

We certainly didn’t – but that was before strange things began to happen in our quiet lives! Imagine being able to spend an entire year – 52 extraordinary weeks – in the presence of Buddha!

What would he say and teach? What would he do – and how would he act?

If such questions excite you at all – and you’d love to know the answers, this book is for you! Simply suspend your disbelief – as we had to do – and let the return of the Master inspire you with fresh understandings and wisdom that helps us to find happiness, sanity and fulfillment in this somewhat crazy 21st century!

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Living the Sacred Life – A Manual

Every page offers wisdom, every chapter will refresh your soul!

LIVING THE SACRED LIFE is a practical Manual for every aspiring and sincere Spiritual seeker.

Its examples and principles can be applied to every area of everyday life in the 21st Century.

This volume takes Les Dyer’s previous book, The Return Of The Master, to a new level of authentic living practices.

Ideal for the Seeker new to spirituality; and equally ideal for the long-term Student of Real Life.

Paperback, 212 pages
Published 2 June 2018

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