About Les

Let us find peace and delight in it!
Let us find tranquillity and keep it!
Let us find patience and own it!
Let us find empathy and share it!
Let us find honour and commit to it!
Let us find selflessness and become it!

Let us find tolerance and express it!
Let us find joy and thrill to it!
Let us find worth and value it!
Let us find Love and be it!
Let us find Real Self and live it!
Let us truly find the Divine and rest there!


I’m Les Dyer.

I am also a Retreat Director, Author, Spiritual Healer and Teacher. Since the mid 80′s I have facilitated over 1,000 self-empowerment seminars, retreats and workshops over 30 years, utilising Spiritual, Buddhist, Christian, Hindu, Zen and even Islamic creeds as tools for inner unfoldment.

I also started the spiritual movement known as The Community Of The Heart.

This has no membership in the normal sense – no fees, no obligations to follow any path or attend any meetings – but is simply a growing community of spiritually unfolding individuals that stretches across the globe.

I’ve created several hundred meditations, each designed to help you achieve something valuable in you – or your family’s – life. This may be healing, may be understanding, may be spiritual growth, may be peace, may be love.

I am also the author of five books: The Return Of The Master (an account of one person’s return to Earth to bring a more relevant message for the 21st century); 50 Peaceful Meditations For A Loud & Noisy World and 50 More Meditations For Achieving Happiness & Healing (compendiums of guided visualisations for both adults and children seeking emotional or physical healing, inner peace, self-mastery or deeper understanding of Self); Finding The Special Person Who Lives Within and The Greatest Gift Is The Present (each book dealing with everyday issues from a non-religious spiritual perspective).

I also write two weekly free email newsletters; and freely contribute to leading journals and magazines.

Leaving home and school at 14, I started my adult life early on the streets of Sydney’s Kings Cross. I became self-taught – and eventually a successful businessman. At one time I set up a halfway house for released prison inmates; at another time I established a marketing and advertising company, personally creating over 2,500 TV commercials for over 100 clients including political parties, the media and major retailers.

I also created (and managed) a fast-food chain of stores. I have also been a professional motivational speaker and business development facilitator, a national business magazine columnist and a university lecturer.

Healing myself of both TB and the effects of neurofibromatosis (for which I received over 6,000 stitches prior to my healing) I have spent the last 25 years allowing my non-religious spiritually inspired belief system (which I call “authentic spiritual living”) to unfold.

I believe that each of us is, in a very real manner, the Presence of the Divine.

This Presence expresses Itself, individually for life forms such as ourselves, as both our physical body and our Soul.

Life is the art of learning how to appropriately use the tools of our body, our brain and our mind – in a very real and everyday partnership with our Soul – so that we can achieve our natural state: which is to be in harmony with everyone and everything else.

Such a state of harmony is reality – or to use a more human term – boundless love.

I hope to meet you soon!

All my love,