Dear Friends,
Are you still seeking real and prolonged happiness?
More importantly, are you feeling disappointed, dejected, depressed or simply yuk because it seems to elude you?
Maybe you think you’re not worthy of it yet?
Or do you believe it will only come when you have that right job, right partner, right house or enough money in the bank?

Well, here’s the good news: for 99.99999% of people living on Planet Earth real and lasting happiness is a myth, a furphy, a delusion.
This near-impossible state of illusion has been mainly peddled by street-wise people over the last hundred years – before then, no-one sought this elusive and fabled state.
Modern ‘clever’ people peddled this fictional state in order to make others feel inadequate and in need of their expensive quackery….be it pills, potions, program or psychological prognosis. Happiness is our birthright, we were told.
It never was before in the entire recorded history of mankind.

How can this be so? Surely all those bright sparks can’t be wrong?
Yes, they can. Notice how few people (really very, very, very few people) are happy all the time?
You see, happiness requires radical non attachment.
No attachment to beliefs and perspectives.
No attachment to fears.
No attachment to things.

In this state, you WILL be happy………dropping all those attachments equates to dropping everything you’re not.
And then, only your natural state of Divine Happiness is left.
But most of us aren’t there yet, are we?
So, until then, you and I need to accept authentic spiritual reality.
And that reality says that if we’re comfortable, if we’re genuinely ‘okay’ – we’re doing well. Really well.
We’re going okay!

When we feel sincerely ‘okay’ our self-esteem and self-worth feels ‘okay’, too.
We can now give up feeling we need to be dejected and depressed because we haven’t found happiness yet!
In fact, not having to find happiness will help us enormously to feel happier ……and immediately ‘okay’ about ourself and our life.

Please seek inside yourself and see if being deeply ‘okay’ doesn’t improve your life 1000% whilst taking away your aching need to discover this elusive state of happiness.
Let me know what you find.
Together let’s spend a few weeks exploring the almost limitless benefits of ‘okayness’.

And then for those still willing to relinquish all their attachments in order to access an even happier state, we can look at how to quit owning our thoughts, hopes, desires, possessions, fears, doubts and all the other things that make us who we are today.

For now, just being truly ‘okay’ is a great state to be in, don’t you agree?

Blessings and hugs to you,

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