This is the second short article from one of my upcoming books.
I trust that it helps you, as it seems the first has (thanks to those who emailed me).
I have written it – like all my books – for all of us.
We all have the right to understand our wonder-full-ness – and to own it.
We were all born to be fearless.
We were all born to be loving.
We were all born to be creative.
We were all born to be peace.
We were all born to be a living expression of the Divine.
We are all truly spirit, here to celebrate a physical three-dimensional existence.


Sometimes yes, sometimes no.

The criteria isn’t how much money we have – but how we use it.

In real life the criteria is never about how much we have of anything (opportunities, intelligence, education, wealth, health or creativity) but how we use what we have.

Day by day, moment to moment, what we have may change in both quality and quantity – but we always have the option to make the most of what we find we have in that moment.

Accessing our spiritual strengths gives us the ability to optimise our ever-changing potential.

Many wealthy people are actually entrenched in deep levels of poverty-thought. They never feel they have enough, especially to share.

Others with far less actual wealth have already realised that their true worth is in their ability to fearlessly strive to make the most of what they find they have, day by day.

In doing so, they eagerly share their seemingly overflowing bounty with others – and so immediately enjoy the fruits of truly abundant living.

A truly spiritual person doesn’t worry nearly as much about how rich they are, as what they can do with the wealth they find at their disposal.

Maybe it’s to help those who live in an orphanage.

Maybe it’s to help those who are hungry and lack fresh drinking water.

Maybe it’s to help those seeking education.

Maybe it’s to help those needing a safe environment in which to live.

Maybe it’s to help science to find solutions to the many ecological challenges that face humanity in the third millenium.

Maybe it’s to help others to help those who are over-stressed, hurting, spiritually confused or in various states of dis-ease.

Maybe it’s to help influence society’s thoughts about such things as racial genocide, warfare, gender discrimination, sexual abuse, economic exploitation, slavery, religious and cultural intolerance, animal welfare and species survival.

Sometimes, help might take the form of direct funds assistance. At other times, it might make more sense to put the money to work and to simply share the earnings that it accrues.

The offerings might be substantial – or small yet still substantial to the giver.

The spiritually rich are those who have found their spiritual maturity and realise that as they treat the world so will they be treated.

In sharing, they share in the limitless abundance of the Divine. Everyone benefits.


An Affirmation: I choose to share all that I have and all that I am – and I willingly accept all that is lovingly shared with me, in return. I am rich beyond measure.


More in a fortnight! 

Blessings and Love,



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