If all your questions about life could be answered, would you be happy?

The answer for most of us would be ‘yes, but…”.

And that ‘but’ would be the sticking point.

That’s because it’s not what we know that’s most important – but what we do with

what we know.

Just a couple of generations ago our parents and grandparents (like many generations before them) had firm beliefs that, correct or not, helped them walk through life from birth to death. Today, those assurances have been shattered by academics, theologians, competing beliefs, scientific discoveries, literacy, psychology, the media, ethicists, education and rampant economic and political materialism.

Competitive church doctrines and commonsense have aided and abetted in shredding many of the sacred beliefs of the past.

Yet, for many of us, no easily acceptable assurances have been offered as replacements.

We find ourselves void of real faith and fulfilling answers.

I have been writing a new book to share many of the answers we seek.

And I wrote it especially for you. 

As you’re reading these words be aware that you are one of the people I specifically wrote it for.  

But I never wrote it just to share the information – but to rather encourage you to step boldly out of your dis-empowering shadows and live the fearless spiritual life to which you are entitled by birth.


This entitlement is to own your greatness.

You were born to be fearless.

You were born to be loving.

You were born to be creative.

You were born to be peace.

You were born to be a living expression of the Divine.

You are truly spirit celebrating a physical three-dimensional existence.


These writings offer concise and direct answers to sixty six of the most baffling questions

that have plagued humanity for millennia. It doesn’t pretend to be an encyclopedia or to explore any subject in depth. Indeed, almost any of its topics, if fully considered, would fill a great many volumes. It is, rather, a guidebook.

Guidebooks are most useful when you are adventuring into new territory or exploring

roads less travelled. And indeed, that is what I urge you to do – to go where no-one else

can ever go and experience the absolutely unique – your true Self, deep within.


Let us begin!






You’ve already achieved it.

The moment you were born you were rich beyond your wildest dreams. You had life and all the wonders that being alive automatically gave you the freedom to access – this is your true abundance. Best of all, you received it the moment you touched down on the planet – and you get to keep it until you leave again.

Am I saying you have immense abundance within you right now, no matter what your situation? Absolutely.


The problem is that in much of the western world money is the most obvious, if not the only, barometer of abundance. Lots of money equals lots of abundance. No money means no abundance. This is a flawed and unhealthy perspective that leads many people to deny the many other riches with which they are endowed.

Certainly, money is a powerful tool for positive change. It enables people to enjoy a higher standard of living, advanced medical support, cleaner water, more comfortable transport options, a wider range of leisure activities and greater freedom to go more easily to more places for more reasons.

Money allows people to pay for more things – and so, for many of us, ‘things’ have become the benchmark of abundance. The bigger, brighter, better they are – and the more we have of them (be it household appliances, mobile phones, friends and lovers, bank accounts, luxury cars or holiday houses) the more abundant we believe we are.

But this isn’t abundance – this is materialism. Taken to its ‘must-have’ extremes (the latest, greatest, most popular or most admired) it becomes a sickness.


Abundance is a natural state of grace.

It’s the ability to make the most of each and every moment, no matter what the situation.

When we access our abundance we optimise our appreciation of the richness of life.

After all, you and I have the awesome freedom to be ourselves.

We have the immense value of our sense of humour, our sense of compassion, our sense of beauty, our sense of ethics, our sense of adventure, our sense of value and our sense of being part of the Divine.

We have the unlimited assets of love, thought, Mind, creativity, care, trust, hope and faith.

We have abundance beyond our wildest dreams for our real wealth is in the things that cannot be taken from us – eternal life, wholeness, our soul, consciousness and the spirit that vitiates us and makes all things realisable.


An Affirmation: There is an unlimited abundance within me which I choose now to embrace and accept.  I am that abundance and I choose to express it always in all ways.


More in a fortnight! 

Blessings and Love,




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