You are the future

Last week I suggested you “Be your True Self”.

And I know that’s a lot harder than my suggestion implies.

But luck is on your side…it’s almost time to set your New Year resolutions!

A resolution is something you resolve to achieve.

It’s much more than just a wish, a hope, a fantasy goal.

It’s something you commit to make real.

So here’s a few ideas to help you get started…….pick 2 or 3 and build on them!

1.      Resolve to help others. To make it real, pick a charity and commit to helping them with regular funds or free labour……

2.      Resolve to love others more. To make this real, pick a friend or relative that  you’ve broken up with and commit to do whatever it takes to heal the rift.

3.      Resolve to care for yourself more. To make this real, commit to eating healthier, drinking less, culling the smokes, exercising regularly or whatever else it takes to be healthy.

4.      Resolve to improve yourself. To make this real commit to join a yoga or tai chi class, a bushwalking club or meditation group, a learning group, an art class, a pottery club, a public speaking club, a choir or whatever else feels right for you.

5.      Resolve to connect more deeply with yourself. To do this, commit to networking with others in some area of spirituality…..mindfulness, meditation, chant, healing, teachings or any other process that helps you build deeper connections with your True Self.

6.      Resolve to be gentler with yourself. To do this commit to taking practical steps to quit long held grief, guilt, fear, pain or other self sabotaging behaviours. Commit to seeking help. Commit to follow through,

7.      Resolve to live life fully. To make this real, commit to practicing gratitude at least ten times every day until it becomes natural. Commit to undertaking whatever is   necessary to eliminate ‘what was’ or “what might be’ from your life and replacing them with ‘what is now’ as fully as possible.

As you change, those around you will change (remember the dominoes, last article).

As you and they change others will change.

And, before you know it, the world will have changed!

So….be the change you seek….by changing, step by step, day by day, through 2020.

And know that tens of thousands of others are realizing the need to change as well.

You may start off as a small wave…..but if you stay focused you will become the ocean!!!