You are The Xmas Gift

Wildfires, floods, famines, melting ice, political chaos, economic stagnancy, religious scandals, terrorism, boat people, fake news…’s so easy to view the world as on the brink of something very nasty.

And it’s so easy to feel utterly helpless….and unable to realistically do anything personally about such things.

So often our response is to turn off the news and have another drink or pill. Or both.

We focus on re-arranging the deckchairs of our own private Titanic.

But there IS another answer!

And it’s YOU!

In the same way that young man 2,000 years ago changed the world, you can, too.

All you need is perseverance, fearlessness and unshakeable principles that you live by  (just like that young man 2,000 years ago).

Most of us give up too easily, become fearful too easily and wobble a lot.

But if we didn’t, we could set off a series of events that could revolutionise life on this planet.

Just like a domino.

A domino can knock over another domino a bit over 1.5 times its own height/weight.

That second domino could then knock over a third, again a tad more than 1.5 times its weight and height…..which could knock over a fourth….and so on…..

By the 13th domino the actual force that knocks it over would have increased by around 2 billion per cent…(aren’t you glad I did maths at school?).

If the first domino was just 30cm high, it could easily knock over the 13th domino even if it were 65 metres high (and correspondingly heavier)!

You can view a short video of the effect here…….paste into your browser…..

Or control+click……


My point is that is how Jesus transformed the ancient world….one generation after another….after another……

He singlehandedly started the process that knocked down the status quo.

You and I can now do the same for the generations to come.

All we have to do is start the process of healing the earth and its peoples….

How? By being the example we seek.

By not wobbling and caving in when somebody encourages us to join in the mob.

This planet and all life reflects our collective level of consciousness.

It shows us we’re seriously off track.

This Christmas be the gift.

Be your True Self.

Bring your Spirit to the fore.

It may not make you popular.

It didn’t make that young man popular 2,000 years ago, either.

But it may just be the gift we all need for our future.