You are the new year

Last week I suggested we each resolve to change.

And, like last week, I know that’s a lot harder than my resolutions imply.

So what’s the answer?

The answer is to awaken your INNER GIANT.

This giant isn’t some kind of ugly monster – but your true Consciousness.

It’s the same Consciousness that Buddha found, that Jesus found, that all the great spiritual teachers of the world found.

And you already OWN and HAVE this Inner Giant, deep within yourself!

The only place you need to go to find it is INSIDE!

So the good news is it’s actually no biggee to connect with your True Self!

You just go ‘within’.

What normally stops us is our ego that tells us we’re not clever enough to find our Truth….

But we can – and we do!

Every time we make a choice to help another, to care for someone, to love someone, to share something with someone, to nurture a plant or an animal, to give to some worthy cause, to reach out WE’RE BEING THE GIANT!

We’re accessing our Inner Truth, our Consciousness.

And the extra good news is that we don’t have to give up our ego to do so!

We just need to tame it.

To bring it under control.

To not identify as it every moment of every day.

Our ego is a vital safety mechanism that, used properly, protects us as we grow and discover our Inner Being, our Consciousness.

But it’s not you and I.

It’s just a program.


BE the change you seek.

And let the Fun and Fulfillment begin!!