What does success mean to you?

For some people it may mean gaining a certain title or position in a business. For others it might mean buying a house or a boat or a particular car. For still others it might mean being accepted as a member of a particular club or organisation or fraternity.

And for others achieving some goal such as passing an exam or being a top sportsperson or a recognised media person or an authority on this or that…..

Let me suggest something very different.

Success is finding, owning and functioning via your SOUL.

All those other definitions are fine in themselves but don’t come anywhere near the success that comes from BEING AUTHENTIC.

Because to be truly authentic we must function from our Higher Self. And we can’t do that unless we have first found and owned it.

In the past, this has been optional in the sense that our disregard for our Soul didn’t have the same disastrous consequences for society as it does today.

Today we realistically stand on the precipice of  human existence.

Societies across the world are being radically transformed a hundred times faster than in any previous economic and social revolution.

Militarily we can wipe ourselves off the map in under 24 hours.

Technologically we are making ourselves obsolete at a frightening speed: millions of people across the world will lose their job and income in the next decade due to Artificial Intelligence advances….

Intellectually we are becoming mentally lazy and non-thinking.

Environmentally our behaviour is highly self-destructive.

Ecologically we have morphed into a most dangerous virus.

Economically millions of people are walking into a maelstrom of poverty, chaos, homelessness and even food deprivation..

Socially, we are descending into selfishness and inept disability.

Society is no longer a scattering of individual human villages: it has grown into a single vast colony of beings that feed off one another.


We face three options.

1.    We can self-destruct and start humanity again sometime in the future.

2.    We can reconfigure the colony and reduce most people to trained robotic workers, breeders or organisers (rather like a bee hive or ant nest).

3.    Or we can wake up to our authentic Self, our Soul-directed ‘Beingness’, and heal our natural world and our society through the practical, hands-on application of our spiritually-directed selflessness, empathy, care, kindness, love, compassion, intelligence and grace.

This is the ONLY success worth striving for.

Everything else is a nonsense IF we don’t achieve this.

Can we rely on others to do this for us?

Are you joking?

We must EACH of us do it for ourselves and our communities.

Can we do it?

Is that another joke?

Of course we can: we are Beings of abundant resources of Light, Love, Peace, Compassion and our Commonsense is truly common.

We must simply align with the Divine Flow of our Souls, not our egos.

We must consciously embody and BE the Embrace of our Spirit.

That is what it means to be Authentic.

Our body, our brain and our very existence (along with our society) becomes the tools for us to express our Inner Truths.

And those Truths will set us free; and keep our societies healthy.

This year, encourage your Consciousness and Eternal Unity to guide your footsteps and direct your actions.

Ask not what you can get from any situation – but what you can give.

Be the loving Presence you seek in others.

Be a gift to society rather than an impediment.

Real success can be ours. Yours and mine.

But only if we choose to surrender our ego and embrace our higher consciousness, our soul.

That is who and what we are.

Are you ready to step into the service of your True Self?

Extraordinary and wondrous experiences await us…….

I am here to help in any way I can.

Peace be within you.




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