I received an email which said:
“You asked for suggestions about what your newsletters might include and I’d be interested in your views about the soul’s journey when we die and its connection with spirituality.  I have my understanding, however,
I’d love to hear your version; and seeing there appears to be so much grieving out there at the moment, it may well help others”.


What happens when we die?

We don’t actually die – although it certainly looks that way!

Our physical body decomposes because our etheric body stops holding it together.

It slowly returns to the constituent states out of which it was formed. From dust our physical body came and to dust our physical body returns.

Luckily, we’re not our physical body!!

Neither our bones, nor our brains…..

These were just a vehicle to help us get around.

We still have our emotional/feeling body, our mental/thinking body and our spiritual/loving body…..

We quickly adapt to lacking a physical body by realizing we’re still alive.

Our first step is to review our life….the good, the bad, the everything we did, said, thought, planned, plotted, imagined, desired….

For many of us, due to the error of our ways, this is called ‘hell’.

But it’s not a place.

It’s more a ‘holding’ state in Time in which we deeply sense and sincerely repent all the inappropriate words, thoughts and actions of our previous existence.

There’s no punishment (other than our regrets) as the Divine seeks only to help us wake up to who we really are!

When we are ready we let go of our mental/thinking body and move deeper within.

Our next step is to heal our emotional/feeling body.

We do this by moving into a state of absolute bliss.

This isn’t a permanent heaven but a place where our consciousness is refreshed and reinvigorated, ready for our next adventure……

Finally, we are ready to die to our emotional/feeling body and stand tall in our spiritual/loving body.

Peace, Love, Harmony, Unity and Light fills our entire being and we recognize our Oneness with the angelic realms and the Divine.

We have “come home”.

At an intersect (outside of time) we re-envision new challenges, new options, new experiences and new opportunities and we ready ourselves for re-entry into the wonderfully exciting and surprising world of multi-dimensional existence once again……

Our spiritual body creates a new feeling body.

Our feeling body creates a new mental body.

Our mental body creates a new etheric body.

Our etheric body creates a new physical body.

And those bodies, working together, create a new life-form.

That life-form creates its new way of living……the circle is complete!

Yes, you are your own infinite creation!

If you need help to handle the passing of a friend or relative, or wish to better understand your own previous lives, please feel free to call me.

Peace be within you.