A respondent to a recent newsletter wrote:

“I had a light bulb moment when I read “everything was already in existence. It was simply waiting for me to uncover it”……
I’ve lost my way Les.
I’m IN THE WAY of allowing “everything” to come into fruition.
Instead I work tirelessly struggling to manipulate my world!
I recognize that this feels like a burden.
Life feels heavy and yet I KNOW it doesn’t have to.
I would like to find solace in letting go and trusting”……

What an awesome revelation: ”I’M IN THE WAY”.

Yes, we all get in the way of Spirit unfolding untold delights and treasures.

Instead, we struggle.

We make it hard for ourselves.

But how to let go?

The answer is to be realistic.

Imagine you carried a heavy rock around with you everywhere you went and you kept holding it up in the air no matter what you were doing and you did so non-stop for 3 or 4 days…..

You’d surely want to put it down……

In fact, you’d find it the easiest thing in the world to put down.

You’d probably just DROP IT.


Because it was heavy.

And it was achieving nothing.

And you could.


And it was the most sensible thing to do.

So ask yourself these important questions:

Why don’t I just drop my senseless struggles?

Why am I punishing myself?

Why am I making things hard for myself?

What am I realistically achieving (if anything)?

Hopefully, if you answer these questions honestly, you’ll be ready to drop the struggles and barriers that you use to stop you being the best you that you are….

Remember you are not the creator, the author, the playwright of what happens in your life – the Divine is!

You are simply the actor that experiences the scenes apportioned to yourself.

Yes, you may choose how you express the role and play the part – but whatever is meant to unfold will unfold.

You don’t – indeed, can’t – change the script, remove or introduce people who aren’t meant to be in your particular part of the show – or change the outcomes from those pre-determined by the author.

You can simply play your part well – or screw it up and fail to make the most of your opportunities (which are always written into the script to achieve the best possible and most delightful outcomes).

The best suggestion I have is to accept your part in the show, give it the best you have, support all the other characters on the stage with you – and enjoy yourself.

Drop the nonsense that says you are in charge of the script of your life and instead be in charge of your performance, moment to moment…..

You’ll do far better than achieving an ‘Oscar’……

You’ll achieve the gratitude of everyone who’s in the show with you!


Peace be within you.