In my last articles, I wrote about our Real Soul – and I said that our Real Souls are always alive.
Because they are alive, we live.
It is our Real Soul which is made by, of and in the image of God.
Our Real Soul is a perfect image of the Divine.

I also wrote about our other soul – our Human Soul.
This is made in the distorted image we have created of ourselves over many lifetimes of shame, guilt, hurt, inadequacy, regret, greed, selfishness and other negative and limiting viewpoints.
This is our ego and it’s an aspect of our human body. It’s operated via our brain and so it is always somewhat dissatisfied and always feels incomplete.

At a basic level we each have, of course, a body.  Although it seems to live, it’s actually never independently alive: it is simply activated (like a puppet) by our Real Soul.
Our Human Soul is also actually ‘dead’ – and, like our body, is simply activated for as long as our Real Soul is present.
Whenever our Real Soul withdraws, as at death, both our body and our human soul (our ego) simply stop working.

Thankfully, our Real Soul cannot die: it is life itself.
It was alive long before Planet Earth was formed – and it will continue long after this galaxy has imploded!
Each reincarnation allows it to gather more wisdom, more compassion, more knowing……and to move toward its own completion as Love Itself.

Ultimately, the sole purpose of our bodies and our human souls (egos) is to consciously blend into our Real Soul – and thus eventually experience ‘Nirvana’, the total extinguishment of all thoughts we might have of ourselves as a separate and struggling individual called “me’ living some weird existence of gathering things called ‘mine’ about us……..but what does that really mean, in practical terms?

Put simply, it means realizing we are in all ways an aspect of God, the Divine Presence. We realize this only when we experience our true selves and understand there is no separation between one person and another, one moment and another, one event and another. All is simply life living itself in joyous celebration.

How on earth will we live in such a state? Well, actually very easy. We’ll live in this moment, free of stress about the ‘future’ or worry about the ‘past’, co-creating loving acts, compassionate events and caring endeavours with one another. Life will be mutually supportive, respectful, kind, gentle, joyful and fulfilling.

That’s just gotta beat the madness we live in right now!
And all we have to do for it to happen is to wake up to what we really are!

Blessings and hugs,