In my last article, I wrote about our Real Soul – and I said that our Real Souls are always alive.
Because they are alive, we live.
It is our Real Soul which is made by, of and in the image of God.
Our Real Soul is a perfect image of the Divine.

But we also have another soul – our Human Soul.
This is made in the distorted image we have created of ourselves over many lifetimes of shame, guilt, hurt, inadequacy, regret, greed, selfishness and other negative and limiting viewpoints.
This is our ego and it’s an aspect of our human body. It’s operated via our brain and so it is always somewhat dissatisfied and always feels incomplete.

To the degree to which this Human Soul runs our lives we operate greatly from struggle and lack.
To the degree to which our Human Soul recognises our Real Soul and operates in oneness with it our lives flow in harmony.
Everyone has a Human Soul.
Jesus had one. So did Buddha, Mother Theresa, Mahatma Gandhi, Sai Baba, Rajneesh and Hitler.
Without one our life would lack it central purpose (that is, to consciously return with awareness into Divine Consciousness). The trials and tribulations of life – be they physical, emotional, mental or spiritual – have a significant purpose: to challenge us to move beyond our seeming limitations (which is the view of our Human egoic Soul) and to embrace our Truth (which is the expressions of our Real Soul).

For example, in the Bible book of John, Jesus was asked why was a child born blind? His questioner suggested it might be because of something the baby’s  parents had done (in other words, karma) or because of something the baby himself had done (in other words, reincarnation). Jesus said No, neither. He said it was so that the “glory of God could be revealed”.
What he meant was that we are ALL born with defects. No-one lives on Planet Earth without challenges. These may be physical – like blindness or cancer; emotional like lust or greed or mental like fear or lack. But problems, difficulties, impairments and blockages are a natural part of Life On Earth.
Our purpose is to let Divine Light, our Real Soul,  flow through us and out of us without impediment or stoppage.
Then the glory of God is being revealed.

Everyone – when we truly get to know them deep within –  is a sheer delight: that is the Divine Light shining through, in spite of their egoic human soul limitations.
And that is what Jesus was talking about.
We aren’t put here perfect to live a perfect 70 years.
We’re ALL put here imperfect with various challenges to survive as long as is meant.
The secret purpose is to make the most of what we are given.
As there is no death really possible some of us last in our current life a long time, some a shorter period. But then we go on anyway……after all we’re not “having” a life – but we ARE life itself.
So the secret is revealed: life best proceeds when we hitch our Human Egoic Soul to our eternal Real Soul.
How are you travelling?

Blessings and hugs,