Last week I took our fifteen guests down to the ocean to feed the wild dolphins, as usual.
On the way back to the retreat I stopped at the park overlooking Tin Can Bay for 10 minutes of exercise open-to-the-sky. And then it happened.
All fifteen people wanted to go play on the swings and slides they could see a little bit further along the foreshore……

Fifty and sixty year old legs were soon swinging vigorously backward and forth pushing their owners ever higher and higher…..

Thirty and forty year old women were whooping their way down the slippery slide……..and then attempting the reverse climb…….

Others climbed to the top of the rope castle and then ‘ahoy’ed everyone from above……while others spun themselves dizzy on the roundabout and the slippery pole.

The adventurous ones took to the balancing poles and did their best to unseat anyone foolish enough to challenge them.

Still others found magic in the sand pit……or on the rocking horse.

They hung upside down by their legs and squealed delightedly with their voices.
They were having FUN.
Their ‘inner child’ had come out to play!

We each have an ‘inner child’. It remains with us always.
It never seeks to be taught anything or tries to beat or hurt anyone.
It never wishes to own anything or needs to improve or develop in any way.
Instead, it simply wants to enjoy everything.

It especially likes enjoying friendships, fun, new challenges and joy-filled opportunities.
Have you taken yours out to play lately?
If not, why not do so this week?

In joy,
Blessings and hugs,