Innerstanding #3

Messages from Mordechai through Les Dyer

Since the early 1980s I have channelled an “inner energy” called Mordechai.

This is another of Mordechai’s message to us all…..


We send you greetings; and we send you love, dear ones.

We would speak to you of Citizenship.

Often in your past you have recognised that you were citizens of this place or that place.

Indeed your very word ‘citizen’ means you belong and owe allegiance to a city, a place, a group, a community….

But we would give you a new way of looking at citizenship.

We would suggest that it is your very heart which is the place to which you best give allegiance.

The ‘land’ of your Heart is the true state, the only ‘place’ to which the conscious Spirit always and joyfully gives allegiance.

Do you acknowledge the sovereignty of your Soul?

Can you commit yourself to loyalty toward your inner Heart?

Do you entrust your Being to the righteousness of your Heart?

Are you a faithful Citizen of The Heart?

Have you dedicated yourself to the Divine that resides therein?

Do you secretly wish to?

We shall speak further…..

Peace and Love Be Within You!