Innerstanding #2

Messages from Mordechai through Les Dyer

Since the early 1980s I have channelled an “inner energy” called Mordechai.
This is another of Mordechai’s message to us all…..


We send you greetings; and we send you love, dear ones.

We would speak to you further about being a disciple of the Heart.

We did tell you that this is the Path that will bring much peace, co-operation, wholeness, respect, honour, appreciation and self-worth to you and your living life-orb which you call Planet Earth.

And this is critical at your species current state of development.

To be a disciple of anything is to have discipline.

Often, in your past, this word has also filled you with fear and dread.

Discipline was often another telling you to do this, eat that, go there, behave.

Such discipline brought much hurt and fear and pain. It often brought a lack of trust in one’s self and one’s own worth. It also brought a deep lack of acknowledgement that you could be responsible for your own actions.

Yet, true discipline, dear ones, be simply following the Teacher…..and for the truly enlightened, this be the Heart!

This is discipline with a difference!

For in following your heart you will follow NO external power, you will bend to NO external Voice, you will bow to NO external person, you will submit to  NO external direction and you will cower under NO external burden.

You will instead have the discipline to be focussed in your choice of Path.

To remain focussed, to stay focussed, and to BE that Path each moment of your existence.

This be Self-discipline.

It has always been the Way of The Masters.

And when each of you are disciplined in such manner you will take many opportunities to work together, share together, play together, enjoy the livingness of life in all its variations, together…..

This is the Path that will heal your selves, your families and your planet.

We hold this up to your awareness.

We do so that you may start being more conscious and more disciplined and proceed along your Path as the authentic disciple of the Heart you already are within!

We ask you to consider:

in following my heart, how do I change?

How does the world around me change?

We shall speak more…..

Peace and Love Be Within You!