The Innerstandings

In 1989 I received the first of my spiritual messages.
It came as I sat in a farm house at Numerella (near Cooma, NSW) looking after the poddy calves of a friend who’d taken his wife on holidays…..

I simply felt an urge to write down some words.
When I read them back, I was quite shocked as they were so totally different from anything I had written before.
My writing before then consisted substantially of advertising copy, political slogans and marketing strategies for major corporations.
(I was already running weekend workshops in self-empowerment but not from an intensely spiritual perspective).

This one message in 1989 changed the direction of my life.
It led me to publicly share the messages I received from an energy I had first become aware of in 1982 called Mordechai.

Soon I was channelling every week to groups across the country as small as 10, as large as 200. After a while I became aware that most people attended these events to witness a ‘channelling’…..and few were taking note of the messages.

I felt it was turning into a circus.
On the 1st August 1992 I received a private message that told me I was unready to properly explain many of the messages as I didn’t fully understand them myself.

So I ceased publicly offering “Mordechai-on-demand’ and simply kept many of the messages I received.

I opened the first Spiritual Family Church in Sydney and published Journal Of The Innerstanding in 1993. This contained “allowed messages” from Mordechai.

It was mailed out to around 1800 people, courtesy of Brisbane’s Unity Church.

In 1996 the first book of Mordechai Messages was released (“Finding The Special Person Who Lives Within”) followed by a second book in 1998 (“The Greatest Gift Is The Present”)

Then, in August 1999, exactly 7 years after my previous private message, I received a message that said I should start to release some 320 messages which were unpublished (another 200 remain secret still today).

Shortly thereafter I moved from postal to email.

Since that date, I have received or written around 1,000 ‘messages’ some under my own name and style, others under Mordechai’s name and style.

250 of the most recent messages and articles are now available on my updated website:

You can also access details of my many meditations and all my books on this site.

Very shortly I will be moving from email to video…..the medium changes but the message remains the same….

Understandings may help us handle the world.

Innerstandings help us make the most of it!

Thankyou for taking the time to read my story,