Many of us seem to be having to deal with the recent death of loved ones.

Others haven’t yet resolved past deaths that still cause much grief.

And some of us are facing the issue of our coming own demise…..

Please allow me to offer a healing balm……

I understand man’s desires to avoid death at almost any cost.

I recognise man’s fear of the seeming ‘Unknown’….

I recognise the grief, the loss and the impotence which mankind faces at such times.

The secret is to embrace Spiritual Truth…..

To be a Victor – not a Victim – of the process that takes you from one life into another.

To grasp that sense of Victory over death that dying offers.

To sense the truth that – at death – we move FORWARD.

We move toward a doorway where ANOTHER life waits for us on the other side.

We let go of everything that isn’t required to take with us THROUGH that doorway.

Just like a caterpillar that turns into a butterfly and realises new skills, new talents and newopportunities, we prepare to enter the cocoon….and then we effortlessly move into its space.

Our existence is suspended as we undergo a radical living change.

The chrysalis of Spirit holds us in its loving embrace.

And then – when we exit that suspended state – we find we have been transformed into a higher life form by the process.

This is not death: there is NO death.

There is only ever higher expressions of Life.

And each of us are moving toward an ever more beautiful, ever higher expression of Life.

Our old earthly body will be shucked off and the cocoon of life will nurture us into our higher spiritual body.

This angelic body will shine brightly, allowing us to fly through heavenly realms ….

Be not disheartened by what you leave behind.

Caterpillars never regret their demise as caterpillars.

But look forward to your risen state – and to the true flight of your Spirit, released from the cords that bound you to Earth……

This is not the end.

It is – for each of us – the cusp of a new and wondrous Beginning……!!!!

We die as people; we rise again in the nursery of angels!

Life moves ever forward and upward…….



Peace be within you.



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