This week for a change I’d like to mention a few things briefly.…….

They are things that have come up in my outbox……

Firstly, there are NO “lost souls” due to suicide.


That’s catholic-developed nonsense.

Everyone hurts at some time in their life.

Many reach breaking point.

Everyone makes mistakes and takes risks that backfire.

MANY people also unintentionally and unthinkingly suicide (that is, end their own life) the “civilised” way via cancer, heart attacks, etc…..

The Universe does NOT punish people EVER for their hurts, ignorances, limitations, mistakes or misunderstandings.

NO Soul can EVER be lost.

That’s simply fear-mongering.

Every soul is an aspect of God.

And God can’t be lost, destroyed or punished…….it’s nonsense.

SO……if you know someone who suicides (by any means) be assured your friend is still SAFE.

Your friend is LOVED.

Your friend has nothing to fear; and no punishment of any kind to undertake.

All is well.

They are blessed.

Secondly, as everyone is an aspect of the Divine all we ever truly needed – love, kindness, joy, compassion…..we already ARE.

And ALWAYS have been.

What fun…….life is simply about finding ones’ True Self……. and then learning how to BE it.

There may be eight billion people on this planet…….and a trillion planets in the Universe…… but ultimately there’s only ever been one life energy.

One. ONE.

We’re all part of that One.


Thirdly, I am always here as a confidential sounding board.

I share nothing about anyone with anyone else.

I simply help people (with Spirit’s guidance) to heal and embrace their wholeness…..and I charge no fees as Spirit (and those who lovingly choose to support my work) sustain us 24/7.

Got big or small problems?

I’ve been there, had most of them myself, suffered just as others do.

So please don’t be shy – if I am able to help you, I will.

Phone or skype sessions start again in about a week….

Lastly, I believe most people know at least one person who lives in the

Newcastle area.

Please let them know about my weekend workshop that’s on in a month.

If you’ve been to one of my programs, and enjoyed the experience, please show a bit of enthusiasm!!

I am offering the workshop basically by donation.

More details below.

Thus far, I have just THREE possible attendees.

Now, there’s a chance – slim, but nevertheless possible – that the universe is asking me to stop my workshops.

If that is so, I will be content, knowing I have helped many thousands in the past…….

Peace be within you.



Please promote amongst your family and friends……

Newcastle Weekend in a month!!!
At: Newcastle Spiritualist Church, Swan Street.
Saturday 6th July
10-4pm  ‘From Delusion to Evolution’
Highly popular Les Dyer Workshop that offers practical steps to realistically
‘Embrace the Divine Spirit Within’.
Saturday 7-9pm
Meditations For Healing and Happiness plus Mordechai Speaks!
(includes a super special channelled event!).
Sunday 7th July
10- 1pm  ‘Centreing’.
A brand new Les Dyer Workshop on ‘How to Be the Light Every Day’.
Cost: total weekend workshop program……or any part of it……
$100 if you’re wealthy/$50 if you can afford it/
$20 if funds are low/by closed envelope donation if that helps.
No-one ever turned away!
Bookings: Phone: Newcastle 0494 029 236 or please email me