Watch the first sunrise of 2020 from the coloured cliffs overlooking the ocean… then breakfast with us right on the golden sands of Rainbow Beach!

Dear Friends,
Years ago we used to offer the most amazing Retreat between Xmas and the New Year……a truly special, sacred, heartfelt getaway. And this year we’re bringing it back – and offering it first to our friends, our newsletter subscribers.

It runs from Monday 30th December to Friday 3rd January so it’s perfect as a Xmas party detox, a delightful child-free, shopping-free holiday away from the maddening crowd AND also as an inspiring, peace-filled preparation for 2020.

We’ll be offering special events (and special dishes, too) to complement the season as well as offering a safe, loving and healing space for those seeking repair, refocus, refresh and reconnection with Spirit.
Numbers will be strictly limited.
Early bookings recommended!

We’ll be offering the very latest in Mindfulness training, meditation techniques and Healing processes.
So consider coming to simply r-e-l-a-x or mindfully reconnect with Spirit and your Higher Self for healing.
You’ll also be able to work privately with me to help 2020 become your ‘year of positive change’ by overcoming grief, gaining help to deal with depression and anxiety, gain more tools to help heal serious physical conditions, move past issues caused by sexual, emotional and physical violence, change attitudes about your partner, your work, your talents and your future……

Our food is still the very finest fresh, natural cuisine and is sure to send you delirious with joy!
The retreat, coming when it does, is sure to be even more warm-hearted and loving than ever.

If that isn’t enough, Trudi has now reintroduced her popular art programs and her chakradance/singing bowls offering.
Yoga, tai chi, chants and a trip to feed the wild dolphins will still be offered.
This will be the VERY BEST intro to a New Year!
Price is just $995 with just $200 deposit and nothing
else to pay until you arrive. Credit cards remain welcome.
Everyone will enjoy their own private room.
We’ll happily pick up from coach and rail stations; & arrange direct transfers from Brisbane and Sunshine Coast airports.

There is nowhere in Oz quite like Heartland. Its spiritual and caring ambience, free of dogma but rich in laughter and love, set it apart from anywhere else.
Its value for money surpasses description.
Its record, results and testimonials speak for themselves.
If you’ve been before, maybe now is the time for a refresher.
If you’ve never been before, maybe now is the time to put your own needs first and take the plunge.
You can be assured you’ll be safe amongst like-minded friends.
The horses & the donkeys eagerly await your visit…..
Elvie will be busy making yummy ‘New Year’ treats in the kitchen……
Music will fill the Meditation Hall…….
Crisp, fresh linen will be placed on your bed…..
Ali will sing as she gathers flowers for the library…..
Darren will lovingly mow the lawns…..
Paul will quietly clean the saltwater pool……
Michelle and Anna Mette will prepare fresh towels for massage…..
Trudi will prepare the Art Space for inspiration…..
And all of us will open our hearts and Heartland for your visit…..

Les & Trudi
07 54 816 777

Ps: 5-Day Retreats also running January 13-17,
February 10-14 and March 16-20. Just $995.