Your wisdom….#6

I would like to share a Message from Mordechai.

As many of you know, Mordechai is a Spiritual energy that has transmitted a great many messages to me since the late 1980’s…..

This was received today.

We send you greetings and we send you love!

Your world seems to be moving toward ever greater chaos, does it not?

It does indeed.

And you wonder why this is so……..

wonder not for humanity itself is the very cause of its chaos.

Humanity plunders the ground for its wealth and the oceans for its treasures.

It annihilates wildlife for its own sport or gain and it treats all that lives as usable and expendable, including many of its own kind.

Humanity seeks to enrich itself at almost any expense.

And yet those who do so are but a tiny percentage of humanity.

For most of you, kindness is your deepest driving force.

Beloved ones, there is no difference between victim and victimiser.

Both are aspects of the one same energy. The Divine energy you call God or Life or Nature.

So when humanity hurts something or someone it is truly hurting itself.

The world you see around you is simply the reflection of who you sense yourself to be.

So when some people act with cruelty and ignorance they are reflecting the fear, the pain, the loss they falsely sense within.

We say ‘falsely’ for are not all peoples the mystery, the wonder and the abundance of infinite life itself? They are indeed.

As humanity changes its perspective and behaviour……the world around it changes!

And this it achieves one kind act at a time.

You may say that one kind act alone would do nothing.

But this is untrue.

For each kind act leads to another….. and to the flowering of kindness.

And when one changes from destroyer to Kindness they become a saviour.

In doing so one encourages positive change in others.

When many change and act from Kindness you will see the reflection of that change within the world you then experience.

The change your world requires is the change to kindness.

Always be that kindness – and watch your world embrace love and renewal.

Peace Be Within You!

MORDECHAI.   November 2019.