Your wisdom….#7

A beautiful Marist priest, Brother John Venard died last year, at age 80..

He’d written over 1,000 wonderful articles for his avid followers.

This is the story from of one of them……

A woman asked her daughter to search through her mother’s bag for a missing contact lens.

No luck.

So the mother searched the bag herself……and found it.

“I can’t understand why I didn’t see it!” exclaimed her daughter. “I looked really carefully!”.

“Ah” said the mother, “We were searching for different things”.

“What do you mean?” asked the daughter.

“You were looking for a bit of plastic” replied her Mum. “I was looking for a $200 lens!!”.

Life’s like that.

We can spend our time looking for less important things – or more important things.

What are YOU looking for?

As the year draws closer to its end,,,,have you found it?

Or will you be making a new Year resolution to try to find it?

For me, the most important thing is to remember who I really am.

Then, everything I do – well or not so well – will at least be done with the best intent.

And from the best perspective.

And if I screw up, at least I won’t fall into blame or guilt or anger.

I’ll just be aware that I screwed up.

And sensibly forgiving myself, I’ll try again.

In just three weeks we’ll all celebrate the birth of a person who within three years of setting out on his mission was dead, killed by (and on behalf of) people who disagreed with him.

He was a man who lived and died by his principles.

These principles were based on his absolute faith in knowing who he really was.

And he changed the world.

When you and I learn to live with the same level of commitment we may well make a beneficial change to the world, too.

It’s well worth doing.

And well worth making it our new year resolution.

Because the world needs radical change today…..even more so than it did 2,000 years ago…….