Trudi and I were walking through the orchard the other day when I was reminded of the trust which we had been given. We had been entrusted with a secret. And also with a sacred space.
As trustees we ultimately own neither but accept responsibility for the care of both.
The secret is that the Truth of Life isn’t really a secret at all.
It ‘s found through the simple act of expressing everyday Active Loving Kindness toward all of life: the Divine, human, animal, plant and planetary.
Trudi and I share this subtle “secret” in a thousand gentle ways (such as through these articles, now in their 16th year) with all who wish to be reminded that they themselves are genuinely a divine aspect of the Source, or G-d.

The sacred space is Heartland. So often we witness radical change in arriving guests as they simply walk up the path toward the Temple. They laugh, they cry, they relax, they mellow……they move into a place of deep serenity.  Heartland itself gently moves people into a greater space of Inner Harmony and Peace.
Love for Self and others spontaneously blossoms in the heart of so many visitors to this Sacred Space, which is quite unique within Australia.
Trudi and I, as trustees, simply water the lawns, maintain the rooms, ready the art space, order the food…… and prepare Heartland to receive those who seek solace, understanding or healing.
Heartland truly does the rest.

We are all trustees, aren’t we?
Trustees of our children, our homes, our gardens, our family, our pets, the animal kingdom, the natural world, our work, our assets, our bodies, our thoughts,  our health, our country, our culture, our planet and even our lives.
At the end of the day we really “own” none of these things. Indeed, almost nothing at all, (except our soul!); and we have no way of keeping anything permanently for ourselves at all.
Everything changes, dies, grows, moves, transforms itself and ultimately progresses in its own manner.

What could you be trustee for (rather than owner of) that would both relieve you of having to carry the burden of ownership and, at the same time, give you the challenge of trusteeship?
Answering that question could lead you into a rich world of new opportunities and exciting challenges!
Not to mention taking away the heavy burden of unnecessary responsibility!
Hope to see you one day at Heartland!
Many blessings,