The world is a big place.
The universe is even bigger.
As an example, if the universe was the size of Planet Earth then planet earth would be one billionth the size of a pinhead! That’s around one millionth the size of a grain of sand……or about the size of an atom.

Our personal galaxy we call the Milky Way. It contains around 400 billion stars. Our sun is just one of those stars, a rather ordinary ball of energy. Of course, as a galaxy we’re not alone. There’s around 500 billion observable galaxies with who knows how many more waiting to be found! That equates to approximately 200,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 stars in the known universe (just thought I should let you know to save you counting).

As a planet we’re not much to write home about. There’s around 100 billion planets in our galaxy alone! So we’re sure to find intelligent life somewhere, one day……

Do you still feel important?
Well, you should.
That’s because the energy that created the Universe also created you.
The same Divine Intelligence birthed you; and it gave you Loving Kindness as your birthright.
When you go deep within you find the source of the Universe itself.
The deeper within you go, the more of that Universal energy you connect with.

This is the power of meditation.
Not to fall asleep or have a great relax……….but to find the source of reality Itself – and to become one with it, again. The more we do so, the more we consciously remember that this is our ultimate purpose for living.
To be. Consciously.

We probably won’t zoom up and out to visit Betalgeuse any time soon in a physical way………but we can effortlessly reach all the way to the edge of the Universe – and far beyond – by simply zooming in to the source of it all, the central core of our own being.
Happy meditating!