The Hands of Truth

I walked around the large circle of people.
Suddenly I stopped in front of a woman and looked deeply into her eyes.
“Do you know you are loved by the Universe?” I gently asked her.
“I don’t always feel it,” she softly answered. “Often I feel useless or worthless.”

“Please give me your hand,” I replied.
She held one out. I took it in my own and looked quietly at it.
“Let me start you on the path of knowledge. Know yourself! Find yourself within yourself. Let your hands be simple reminders and your guides. You have two hands so no matter what you do you will always have a reminder of the real you”.

I took her thumb.
‘Your thumb represents Purpose.
With it you can enjoy fulfillment and a positive direction in life. Without it you would be aimless and unsatisfied. You would be like a boat without a port to steer toward that moves in circles never knowing its true passage. However, with Purpose you will achieve and prosper in a thousand different ways. Thus, your thumb is strong. It is also separate from your other fingers because Purpose must always remain an unfinished vision and not be allowed to diminish your other gifts!”

I took her little finger.
‘This finger represents Health.
You are a mind and a soul with a body – not a body with a brain! Health allows you to optimise your potential. Respect – in every way – the awesome gift that is your body. Keep it in good repair. Maintain it. Care for it. Cherish it. Treat it as you would your best friend. You cannot exist in this world without it! Remember that it is the mirror reflection of your every thought and emotion. As your small finger is shorter than the others, so is your physical life compared with your soul. Enjoy it!”

“Your fourth finger represents Acceptance.
Always strive for Acceptance both of others and yourself for this will infect others and lessen their hardships. Acceptance is joyful acknowledgement not only of the good but also of the necessary. That which is, is. Acceptance allows you to grow strong and healthy. It begets non-attachment and removes false expectations. Your fourth finger is delicate to the touch: treat Acceptance with care and tenderness, too!”

“Your middle finger represents Good Deeds.
By Good Deeds will you be known – and by Good Deeds will you be judged. Good deeds
beget Good deeds and in helping others you are rewarded a thousand-fold. Notice that your middle finger is longer than the rest – and thus it is that your good deeds will stand out. You will stand tall, your head and shoulders proudly erect”.

I took her Index finger.
“Your index finger represents Love.
Love directs all – let it direct all of your actions! Let your finger always point to Love. Let it always point out Love. Let Love be your only Teacher! Love all you meet – hate no-one. Love kindly. Love boundlessly! This finger is less sensitive than you would think!  Surrender, therefore, to the Love you find yourself to be within – and let Love work for you, every moment of existence! It is the pure source of your own empowerment”.

I looked down at her hand.
“This is your hand – and in your hands you hold the key to all you are. – or want to be (and already are inside). You have patience, health, acceptance, good deeds and love.  Live these gifts and you’ll find your true fulfillment. We  have two choices in this world: to chase the standard of our living- or set the standard of our life. The former you have found to be an endless treadmill filled with fear and pain and disillusionment. The latter offers liberation from every form of worthlessness and uselessness. It is the path to abundance and human-hood!”

The woman relaxed with a smile on her face. Somehow she seemed  stronger, more empowered.
Another session at Heartland was coming to an end…..

Many blessings,