Your wisdom….#4

This week let me share with you a story sent in by Margie……

I had been staying overnight with a friend after going to your weekend in Warwick.

She had been to one of your 5 day retreats and had some of your cds so we decided to do a meditation very late that evening. We did the one of the house with all the rooms and welcoming a different person in each room…One of the people I chose to reconnect with was my sister whom I hadn’t been in contact with for nearly 12 years due to a huge family rift.

Later the next day I was driving when I received a phone call. To My shock and surprise it was my sister, I was really shocked!  I was almost unable to talk!

This started our family healing and has been both a humbling and moving experience.

I have since used this meditation to heal difficulties with people I work with and other friends and family…I am truly amazed at how in deep meditation and thought you can  bridge the great divide in relationships.

I am now looking forward to moving even greater waves of love and joy!

My teenage daughter says that since your program she now realizes that it doesn’t matter what others think of her…….It’s only how she sees herself that matters.


.. Margie

I hope Margie’s inspiring message helps you in some area of your own life!

The deeper we go internally, the deeper we heal externally. It is so simple once we accept the universal teachings of Spirit.

Many blessings,