Your wisdom….#3

This week let me share with you a story sent in by Janelle……

My Story..

Years ago in one of my meditations, i was asking God how to have peace and joy and things like that in my life.

I was shown 2 very large hands that were opened to me, and a peaceful calming voice (like music) came to me and said ” Here are your choices my dear…….

(1)   in one hand you have your family, money ,house, car, and material goods etc.

(and it showed me ALL these things in one of the hands.)

(2)   in the other hand you have only YOURSELF…(it showed me the other hand with only ME standing in it)

In hand.1 are your “outer” possessions …. In hand 2 is your only ‘inner” possessions – yourself.

It is YOUR choice which hand you choose..but I’ll tell you this….. if you choose hand 1 when you cross over back to your REAL home, NONE of what is in Hand 1 will be able to come with you……. you come alone. Your Outer peace is gone..

Now if you choose Hand 2 where you have peace within yourself,   it goes with you for lifetimes and no One can take it from you as it is IN you..

It’s your Choice..”

The Voice went on to say.. “Now my dear I hear you ask, HOW do i have peace within ?.

The answer is: Non Attachment..

Look and be aware of the OUTER things trying to fill your INNER needs and simply fill those needs yourself. When you do this you will no longer need them, but choose them.

If you’re not sure within yourself if you are still attached simply Let It GO (or just imagine it is gone from you) and you will get your own answer to that question as a feeling.

Blessing my child.”

That was my message for Non Attachment Les. I am still trying to live that every day in a world that is so focussed on attachments.

I hope this inspiring message received through Janelle helps you in some area of your own life!

We are never asked to reject life but instead to love it…..but not be so rigidly attached to things..

Many blessings,