What has happened to your ‘sacred time’ ?

Once upon a time, not so long ago, one day a week was put aside for the sacred.
For some it was Friday, for others Saturday, for many Sunday.
But it was put aside. Every week.
Unless it was an emergency, you didn’t work.
You certainly didn’t go shopping, to the races, the footie or to the club.
You were allowed one day a week to reconnect to the most meaningful energy in the universe.
To take in the nectar of Spirit; to imbibe the essence of the sacred.
To go within and to be one with the Divine Presence.

Then it was hijacked by greed.
It was an entire day going to waste : one entire seventh of every week in which productivity was wasted and purchase power lay unforgivably idle.
The shops, the sporting bodies, the entertainment venues – everyone saw the potential to make more money.
The churches, mostly emasculated due to their greed and vices, were incapable of defending its value.
So it was  sneakily downgraded to just another day in the week. ……more wages!
More purchases! More work! More sports! Yay!!!!

At the same time private daily sacred time was also gobbled up, too. TV. Radio.
Mobile phones. SMS. Netflix. Emails. Facebook. Twitter. Google. The gym. Travel to and from work. Shopping Centre safaris. Dining out. Fast food queues…..
A thousand distractions left no room for connection to our inner selves.

In all this to-ing and fro-ing we have put aside the most important requirement of a balanced human life: regular time for spiritual connection.
Instead, we’ve manufactured a pill for that: it’s called an anti-depressant.
Spiritual connection isn’t something you can jam in between the TAB and the hairdressers……it’s not just another shop looking for your business.
It’s an entire way of living.
We’d achieve spiritual connection if we just stopped doing things sometimes.
If we spent time each week allowing q-u-i-e-t in our lives.
Priceless time for deep introspection and spiritual contemplation.
Daily time for gentle prayer and heartfelt gratitude.

I can hear the shuddering of some as they visualize the cash registers going momentarily silent, the racing commentators falling momentarily mute…..
But it’s surely more sensible to limit our involvement in the current commercial madness – which gets worse day by day – than end up locked up and on pills because we find it all too much to handle……and we seem to have lost our real connection almost altogether.

Surely it’s time to get back to nature, to the natural, the healthy, the wholesome, the heartfelt……the Spirit that is us…..and Divine Presence.
We can only do this by taking time to go within.
By making room daily for peace in the midst of our busyness.
By walking beside a stream…..and listening to it quietly talk to us.
By visiting the trees……and enjoying their hushed company.
By blending with a garden…..and allowing the devas to bless us.
By going within…….and gently being still with that Presence.

In stillness we will find our answers.
And these answers will lovingly steer up back to wholeness.
All we have to do is take the time to listen!
Blessings and hugs,

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