Everyone on this planet has problems

Dear Friends,

Everyone on this planet has problems.
Take an actual day in my personal life as a real example…….
I was woken up well before sunrise by someone wanting help with depression.
After half an hour or so I was able to put the phone down and make a coffee.
Then I went to drive my son to his work and found blackbirds had pecked the rubber out of my windscreen wipers (for the 5th time) and pooped all over my car (for the 100th time!).
I gave the car a quick wash and ended up showering myself with water when the end of the hose came off. I didn’t have time to change so drove wet.
I bought new wiper rubbers and came home to fit them and then decided to do some gardening.
Trudi decided to do some mowing but the big mower stopped in the middle of the paddock and wouldn’t start again. It’s only just come back from the mower repair shop. So I jumped onto the phone and she jumped onto the smaller ride-on but the battery was flat.
I went to bring the 4WD around to jumpstart the mower but it was out of fuel.
So I had to take a can and go into town again to get fuel.
Then I returned, refilled the 4WD, and jump-started the small ride-on.
I decided to move water from one tank to another, ready for our next retreat.
Unfortunately, a tree had partly collapsed over the path so I went and got the Chainsaw – but it wouldn’t work. An hour and a half later I’d discovered the problem, removed the old sparkplug, found another in my ‘shed of a thousand bits and pieces’, replaced it and even removed the offending tree. Yay!
But then I found about a hundred metres of the water pipe connection was missing……gone down the hill……so I then had to fight my way down the slope and through the lantana to retrieve it and reconnect it. Ninety minutes and twenty major scratches and cuts later I was ready to whipper snip around the water tanks so I could easily get to the paddock’s power point and start the pump.
About this time, the mower man turned up with his trailer to take the big ride-on back for another service. It took us ages to go through four gates, opening and closing each of them, manoevring his trailer between all the macadamias and then pulling the mower onto the trailer with the help of a winch……
Next job was to water the donkeys. One water bucket was totally empty because, by now, I was way behind in my schedule; Yeshoda, a tough critic of a donkey, had broken it into pieces to voice her complaint regarding my poor time management.
I found another water bucket after a while and the animals soon had water again.
Then I took a phone call to advise me that an old friend of more than 25 years was in Hospital and not expected to go home…..
The Mail arrived. It contained one cheque for $30 and a bill for $2400 for a new mains power meter (the old one had been struck by lightning)……
In between these everyday events I took phone calls and retreat bookings, a last minute cancellation (which causes multiple other problems in itself), fed the dogs, grabbed a cuppa, lost a pair of glasses and was quoted “just $2000” by a local farmer to slash part of our back paddock for new horses……..

Just an ordinary day, really, in the life of a ordinary spiritual teacher and writer.
If you know anyone who manages to get through their day without a problem or two, please let me know.
I’m sure they’ll want to swap with me!
However, I probably wouldn’t want to swap with them.
You see, heaven can wait…….
Just like you, I don’t want only problems but I certainly grow by dealing with them.
I’d learn nothing if my life was perfect – and so I’m happy making the most of what’s delivered to me next.
Gotta get going! One of the toilet’s in the retreat is blocked up!
Blessings and hugs,


Ps: please help me to spread my messages by sharing them with friends – thankyou!
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