The Bhagavad Gita, Hindus sacred scripture, has about 21,000 words.

The Koran has about 77,000.

Kojiki, the sacred text of Japanese Shintoism runs to 150,000 words.

The Buddhist Tipitaka runs to around 300,000 eight-syllable verses.

The Christian New Testament is around 770,000 words and the Jewish bible packs in over 783,000.

Each of these texts is invaluable in helping people to understand life.

Each of them shares priceless truths.

Yet in our modern, busy, bustling world, most of them are simply too long (and available time to study them too short) for most people.

For this reason I offer you my own Understanding.

It runs to just 24 words.

There is nothing to do, nowhere to go and nothing to become except your own True Self and this you but reveal unto yourself.

I received these words from Spirit over 35 years ago. I received them when I turned to Spirit to help me deal with the chaos which had very suddenly and utterly disrupted my life.

First came the abrupt end of my long-term relationship when I was shocked  to discover that an associate was the favorite of her heart.

Shortly after that I was shattered by the sudden, totally unexpected loss one weekend of everything else I thought was important in my life: my highly successful business, my finances, and personal possessions (except the clothes I was wearing and the car I was driving).

And then, within weeks, I faced a third catastrophe with senior Police proposing the loss of my public identity and physical whereabouts in order to safeguard my life. I was encouraged (and went) into hiding…..

I totally understand loss: physical, emotional and material.

And yet I also immediately understood this 24-word Message.

In spite of everything that was happening to me I was safe.

It might not be my personally preferred chosen path but no matter what happened to me I was safe.

Everything I have written since, every workshop I have run and every talk I have given has been based on these five phrases.

There is nothing to do

You don’t need to achieve anything, repair anything, fix anything.

You were simply Spirit at birth; and continue to be so.

Yes, things go wrong but they also go right sometimes: so where do you focus? You weren’t put here as a Cosmic Repairman.

The darkness, remember, helps you see your own Light!

And you don’t need repairing yourself either.

You were, are and always will be Spirit: that’s all you have to be.

Is it a hard task? It is if you think it is – but not if you’ve realised who and what you actually are.

Oh, and no-one ever said you had to be comfortable with life: it’s just a venue, a temporary stage, for you to use in order to find and express your True Self within……

Nowhere to go

Everywhere is Sacred. There are no buildings, churches, ashrams, rivers, mountains or grottoes more sacred than any other. So you can’t get spirituality by rubbing up against the Vatican in Rome or the Potala Palace in Tibet. You may resonate more warmly in this temple or that forest glade but that’s due to familiarity (from this or a previous life).  Our own retreat at Heartland was no more (or less!!) sacred than the Gympie Tip (although thankfully treated as if it was by our visitors!).

Paradise isn’t a place but a state of Mind. Hell is too.  And you get from one to the other by simply focusing  on who you truly are and what you DO to express that (and are grateful for) –  rather than focussing on who you think you’d like to be and what you

DON’T have (but think you need).

Everyone is sacred, too. So there’s no-one’s feet you must sit at.

And no-one that’s unworthy of being treated courteously.

And nothing to become

You are a perfect aspect of the Godhead. Already. Now. Here.

No exams to sit. No marks to get. No upgrade necessary.

You were, are and always will be pure God-Light.

You may be a hamburger flipper or the CEO of a bank – neither is more important than the other. Both are simply ways to share the wonder that you are.

Gaining ‘mastery’ in this and an improved ‘level’ in that may be helpful in gaining income and employment but mean nothing at all in the University of Life that simply encourages you to wake up and realize you and the angels are both ONE…..already!!

Except your own True Self

As a young boy I thought I was deficient, unwanted and unloved.

I saw myself (to my horror) as inferior, useless and worthless.

I became shy, easily embarrassed, sad and an insignificant loner.

I hid from people as they seemed so cocksure of themselves.

Later, living, anonymous, on the streets of Kings Cross, became a blessing as I felt I fitted in with the other outcasts.

Those outcasts became my friends – and I came to see their beauty.

I would help the old men as they grappled with their destitution and I would “look out” for the ‘girls’ as they plied their roadside trade.

The more I focused on those around me, the less I focused on me.

The less I focused on me, the less negative I felt about me and my situation– and, strangely, in that space I came to feel myself differently. I began to like who I really was. 

What you seek for is sitting within you awaiting discovery. It’s the end of the Search. It holds all the answers. And it just wants to be let loose to consciously be you, to encourage positive creation, limitless peace, love, joy, abundance, kindness and mindfulness in the infinite Garden of Life.

And this you but reveal unto Yourself.

I first looked for life’s meaning at the Wayside Chapel at Kings Cross.

Later I joined the Pentecostals, then the Mormons , then the Anglicans before testing the waters of Rajneesh, Sai Baba, Buddha and Krishna.

They all told me about this or that aspect of “the Truth” – but none physically introduced me to it.

Then I met a carpet salesman from Queanbeyan who told me:

“Go within. Do what it says. Trust it”.

So I did.

No book will convince you. No chant will change you. No mantra will remake you. No person at all can reveal the truth of you to you.

You do it yourself by going within and experiencing who you are.

That’s it.

Experience it.

Own it.


Anyone for a cup of tea……?


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Peace be within you.