This is possibly one of the biggest issues facing us today….are we alone?

Most of us spend time in conversation with our friends wondering   about aliens and ufo’s……Is anyone else ‘out there’? Are we safe?

Are other life-forms more advanced than us?

And the answer to all three of these questions is: Certainly. YES.

But there is an even more important question that we overlook:

Is there anything other than aliens out there??

And the answer to that question is: Absolutely. Always. YES.

If we consider the possible friendliness and helpfulness we might gain from interaction with aliens the answer is: Probably. MAYBE.

And if we consider the possible support and help we’d get from personal interaction with the other Life-Forces ‘out there’ the answer is a resounding: Absolutely. Always. YES.

Speaking for myself I’ve experienced alien, Spirit and Divine.

The alien encounters were scary but harmless.

I’ve watched from the top of a high rise apartment as a ufo hovered for minutes directly over the Sydney Harbour Bridge then sped away so fast my eyes could hardly keep up with it….. I’ve had another hover over my own house for several hours one night, its vibrations unlike anything I could ever imagine.

The Spirit Realm encounters were enlightening and mind-bending.

I’ve visited etheric realms peopled by great Masters of the past; and Idyllic pastoral realms populated by lovers of Nature.

(I have also experienced the power of Spirit when one night I foolishly threatened to destroy the ‘Mordechai’ material and immediately found myself immobilised and unable to move for quite a while!!).

And the Divine was, is and always will be totally comforting and loving.

It is also the ultimate – and ultimately, only – Life Force.

And it’s the one many of us forget.

So we struggle on alone. Unaided. Needlessly.

Do we want help to change the state of our finances?

Would we like a hand to transition back to glowing  health?

Would we appreciate support to attract the right person into our life?
Could a friend “on the inside” help us get that special job?

Can our life be changed round by working closely with another?

Could their help assist us to achieve abundance we could share?

Ufos won’t help us. I’m positive.

But Spirit can. I’m sure.

And the Divine will. I’m certain.

I struggled with everything  job, money, relationships, health – until

I could no longer handle life by myself.

I had no job, no money, no home, few friends, no girlfriend.

I had TB, asthma, migraines, multiple allergies and around fifty

large tumours throughout my entire body.

I looked very ugly and felt very sick.

So I handed everything over to the Divine.

We went into partnership.

The Divine said what to do. I did it.

And my circumstances totally changed. And I healed.

Maybe you seek healing for this or that?

Maybe you’re looking for a better job or improved finances?

Maybe you just want a less hassled, happier, creative life…..?

Or maybe somebody special to share it with you?

How about you start by sharing your journey, step by step, with the ultimate Life-Force in the Universe……?

It can give an enormous boost to your own efforts.

And it costs nothing (except appreciation and gratitude!).

Remember……you are NOT alone.

Make the most of the only Power truly able to help you……..

(If you need help, consider joining one of my workshops in 2023)

Bye bye aliens…..safe journey home…….

Peace be within you.