A regular correspondent recently asked me: “Why is it so hard for so many people to recognise and respect their divinity?”

Another included in her reply…. “I still struggle to understand why (leaders)  continue to be so hell bent on war and coercive control?”.

My answer to these dilemmas may hopefully help others, too…..

All People are beautiful beings of Light and Love.

Every last one.


That’s a fact.

But I think it’s hard for most people to change into the nice people they truly are because their EGO gets in the way.

That ego has been being developed since they were children and by the time they reach adulthood it seems to be closer to them than ever.

It therefore seems normal and natural, a part of their very nature, carefully cocooned inside their skin and directing all kinds of activities via its control of the person’s brain functions.

For most people their ego is who they are!

(Or at least who they think they are!).

In truth, EGO is one or more big, black, ugly costume many people wear so that no-one can ever actually see their beating heart or their caring and compassionate Centre.

They wear these costumes because society educates them to believe that “it’s what everyone does to protect themselves”……

In time they recognise themselves only as their protective costume.

Eventually, they cease ever taking the costume off and after that the Ego simply ‘runs the show’……

So what’s the answer?

Firstly, it’s important to fire the Wardrobe manager and throw out all the old egoic costumes.

These include the “I’m so sexy” costume, the “I’m in charge” costume, the “Don’t cross me” costume, the “Don’t piss me off” costume, the “I’m better than you” costume, the “Look at meee!” costume and the “I know better than you” costume not to forget the “I deserve more than you” costume and the “I want what they’ve got” costume.

Secondly, it’s important to close down the Department so no new costumes can be created, purchased (or stolen from others) and worn.

Thirdly, we have to be brave enough to step into the world naked.

No, not literally, Gerstenberg!

Metaphorically speaking, naked, I mean.

As nature intended.

The way we were born.



Loving and Caring.

Compassionate and Considerate.

Helpful and Kind.

Inquisitive and Gentle.

Supportive and Inspired.

Respectful and Appreciative.

Selfless and Empowered.

It’s not rocket science….

Aah……goodbye Wardrobe Organiser!

Hello Bonds Quality Made-to-measure Underwear!!

Peace be within you!



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