I do all I can to stay out of politics.

I am a Spiritual Guide.

So this is about as political as I get…….

Peace is the natural behaviour of every sentient being.

Everything else is insanity.

That is obvious (and if it isn’t my point is proven).

Peace is the only effective, loving, constructive, humane behaviour of every Earthling.

Sadly, during the last 3,000 years, peace has reigned on Earth for just 268 years in total and up to one billion people have been violently killed (over 100 million in the 20th century alone!).

Right now there is an urgency for peace across the globe…..

Peace in the Middle East.

Peace in Ukraine.

Peace in Yemen.

Peace in Myanmar.

Peace in Ethiopia

Peace in Haiti

Peace in the South China Sea

Peace in Somalia.

Peace in The Sudan

Peace in Colombia.

Peace in Syria.

Peace between peoples everywhere.

So what is this ‘peace’ I speak of?

Well, simply put, it’s courtesy and respect for one another.

It’s acceptance of the other’s right to exist.

And to live their own way of life.

And in harmony.

It’s not ‘give-or-I’ll-take’ but caring and sharing.

It’s not ‘my way or the highway’ but ‘you choose what is most beneficial  for you…..”.

Above all else, it’s recognising the Divine within the other.

And deeply respecting the Divine we find in them.

(“Let him who is without error cast the first stone” suggested a very wise man 2,000 years ago…..).

Since being a small child on this planet I have been horrified at the atrocious behaviour of so many people.

Animals put us to shame.

And it’s all so unnecessary.

All we have to do is honestly recognise the Divine within the other.

Then respect the Divine.

Then seek out the Path of Peace.

It’s the one right in front of our tramping feet……


Peace be within you!