This week I offer you my third article in my current series of deeper spiritual topics.
(These form part of my 10th spiritual book, ‘Living The Sacred Life”, due out shortly).


The Promise of Life is that we are always safe.
Most of humanity seriously doubts this promise and instead thinks that everyday life is very unsafe and eventually leads to total oblivion.
Such a viewpoint is not only totally erroneous but it also reflects a complete lack of appreciation for the wonder and awesomeness of Life itself.

To think for one moment that our actual livingness is of so little meaning that it can be truly blown out permanently by an accident in a speeding car or the effects of a terminal illness or even simply old age is ludicrous! To believe that life is so fleeting and momentary that we can eternally snuff it out with a bullet or a potion is a total nonsense.

Such beliefs arise only amongst those who mistakenly believe that their ‘life’ is a ‘thing’ which they possess for but a short while. They put this thing they call their ‘life’ in the same category as their ‘car’ and their ‘house’ and their ‘job’.
Their ‘life’ becomes the packaging which contains all the other packages.

Experience shows them that their car rusts and eventually dies; their house falls into disrepair and eventually collapses; their job becomes obsolete and no longer exists.
Their money becomes spent, their food rots and decays, their goods and chattels become broken and unworkable and all and everything gets replaced.
Everything is seen to arise from the earth and to return to it: metals, minerals, plants, even bodies.
These observations are reality. And this reality is an absolute  truth.
Yet Life is simply not in the same category as any of these material ‘things’.
Indeed, it is not a material ‘thing’ at all!
To label it as some kind of box, a physical receptacle that is used to contain, collect, store and keep safe all these other ‘things’  is an absolute absurdity!

The sun shines every day and dies every night but it is the self-same sun that shines anew a trillion times.
The seasons come every year and go every year – but it is the self-same seasons that visit a trillion times.
The tide rolls in and then rolls out twice a day – but it is the self-same tide that rolls by a trillion times!

One doesn’t ‘have’ a life – one is Life itself!
When one understands this truth then one is freed from the tyranny of time and space.
Life is livingness and livingness is infinite and eternal…..and this can only express itself by expressing itself. And you and I are an integral part of that expression!
Not just here, not just there – not just if we know about it – but everywhere, all the time, regardless.

So Life proceeds, continues, carries on – regardless of our co-operation or contributions – within us, by us, as us. And it does so, regardless of our behaviour and ignorance, with the energy of endless joyfulness and creativity!
Realise this and all that we experience – good and bad is just that……experience.
It comes and goes.
And so do we!!!!

So, not only are we safe from death – but we are also always safe within our multiplicity of experiences. Some of these experiences we like, some we dislike. Some we envision and happily watch unfold. Others are outside our comfort zone of preferences and thus cause us – in our unapprised ignorance – discomfort and distress.
Still we are always safe.

As long as we associate ourself as a ‘thing’ that has other things like a life, a house or a job we will ebb and flow emotionally according to our level of liking these things (ourself included!). We will be happy, sad, elated, disappointed, fulfilled and hurting.
Yet when we are able to recognize that we are the expression of Life itself – and that we use these other things (house, job, money, hands, eyes, legs, heart, etc) to express our livingness……then great joy will flow through us and out of us.
And we will know we are always safe, always alive!

Rich, poor, black, white, young, old, male, female, tall, short, servant, master……all are simply individualised expressions in each moment of that one great Life which is All That Is.
Thus, we can be certain of Life’s Promise that we are always safe.

Blessings and hugs,


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