This week I offer you my fourth article in my current series of deeper spiritual topics.
(These form part of my 10th spiritual book, ‘Living The Sacred Life”, due out shortly).
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“The Flow of Life is to care and share together.”
The speaker seemed so very well known to us. He was, in a previous human life, none other than Nanak, the founder of Sikhism. We felt both happy and yet surprised to find him there.

“No worthwhile life can be lived in a vacuum,” he stated with great seriousness.
“No-one can live their life solitary, purely for themselves, by themselves.
“It is certainly a truth that each person best lives it as themselves. Yet they do so in the company of mankind. Indeed, the greater the individual’s personal integrity the more they share themselves with the wider company of mankind.
“In caring for others one enriches one’s own  humanity. Reaching out to others is the selfsame act as reaching in toward your own authenticity. Caring for others is the selfsame act as caring for your true Self.

“On the other hand, avoidance of others is avoidance of oneself. Avoidance of the pain of others is avoidance of one’s own pain. Avoidance of the needs of others is avoidance of one’s own needs.

“Avoidance of another makes one less than whole. When one lives for any extended time in seclusion it leads to cessation of the flow of life which expresses the very fullness of existence.

“On the other hand, in sharing with others one enriches one’s own experiences.
It has truly been said that the journey taken alone to the mountaintop may indeed be a great achievement – but it is nothing compared to the sense of achievement which is felt when the same journey is undertaken with a companion.

“Sharing spreads the Gift you are to others.  Sharing distributes the Love you are to those suffering the seeming lack thereof.  Sharing delivers the strength of Oneness to those who cannot feel the richness of its touch.

“To care and share is to be witness to the budding humanity of another. There are times in every life when one doubts one’s truths and one’s purpose. At such times great richness can be experienced by the simple act of your being there for others.
“At times of personal trouble and social turmoil great benefit accrues through your selfless act of being a witness, a willing comfort to others.
“It is in giving, sharing, witnessing, bearing one another’s trials and achievements that you live a complete life.

The Love you express to another is the mirror reflection of the Love you express to yourself. The time you give to another is the mirror reflection of the time you give to your true Self. And the attention you give to the needs of others is the mirror reflection of the attention you pay to your own inner Being”.

Blessings and hugs,