In today’s rather chaotic and upsetting world, how do we start changing our lives from some level of quiet desperation or distress into a richer level of deep contentment and certainty?

A mental health professional (who is also a dear friend and has been a subscriber for the last 30 years) recently wrote to me in answer to the question I asked in my article…..

“How do I spread joy?
Following the direction you gave me many years ago by giving a small compliment to everyone I meet. I’ve never forgot it!”.

Yes, the answer is ‘baby-steps’.

Lots of them.

So I thought today I would simply suggest lots of baby-steps and let you choose which you feel would benefit you the best.

You can choose all of them if you wish!!

They’re sure to change who you are for the better!!

‘Give a small compliment to everyone you meet’ is our starter.

2. Start each day with a song. My favourite: Zippidy Doo Da!

3. Verbally share a sincere gratitude with your partner every day. (You don’t have to wait for a reply).

4. Start the day with a short but sincere prayer of thanks. This can be to the Divine, God, the angels, Buddha, Jesus, Spirit, etc…

5. Put two minutes aside every day to send healing (in the form of loving thoughts) to a friend/relative/workmate who is hurting or ill.

6.  Take 5 seconds to give thanks before eating any/every meal.

7. Sing a happy song OUT LOUD every day whilst in the garden or walking. ANY song that makes you feel good will do. Don’t miss a day. Sing twice a day if you can.

My favourites: ‘On a Clear day’ & ‘Oh what a beautiful morning’.

8. Do something creative for at least 10 minutes daily: write a poem or paint a flower or carve a piece of wood or play the piano, etc….

9. Read something that’s inspiring for at least 5 minutes. This could be from the Bible, the Koran, the Dhammapada, maybe a couple of pages of one of my books, or Ekhart Tolle, Wayne Dyer, Norman Peale, Og Mandino, Gary Zukav, Valarie Kaur, etc….

10. Walk amongst flowers for 3 minutes in either your own or a public garden. Consciously appreciate them as you walk.

11. Look at your naked self in the mirror and appreciate the loving person who looks back at you.

12. Do something kind for or to yourself every day, Journal it.

13. See something wondrous outside yourself every day. Journal it.

14. Offer to help someone every day. Maybe a pensioner with a heavy bag, a lady struggling with two children, a disabled person crossing the road, a homeless person feeling unwanted.

Journal each event and read them back once a week…..

15. Finish each day with a short prayer of thanks.

That’s my suggestion list to gently move a person from victim to victor, from soulful sadness to a soul full of sunshine.

What will you add to this list?

I look forward to hearing your positive ideas!!


Love and Blessings,


Community Of The Heart


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