Blessings Pasha

Dear Friends,

A great many people have attended our workshops over the nearly 20 years we established and ran Heartland.

Pasha, our Chinese crested powderpuff, gave boundless love to a huge number of guests……possibly you?

That is why it is with profoundest sadness that Trudi and I share with you the very gentle passing of our very best friend and companion on  Monday.

Until the very last breath this almost-19 year old showered us with her joy of life, her tenacity, her wisdom, her wonderful company, her management of the household and her insistence on calling the shots.

On her last morning in the flesh we took her for a long drive (her favourite pastime was being driven in the car) and then we took her for a short walk along the river bank (her second most favourite activity).

She has already visited us, commanding Shadow (another rescued dog who now calls us ‘family’) to bark out loud to get me to open the front door at the précise time she would always wish to go outside to patrol the gardens of a morning.

Many of you have your own beautiful memories of her, I know.

For all of us it is just another reminder that life is both precious and fleeting.

There is no time for hate.

No time for anger or rage.

No time for violence.

No time for greed.

There is only just enough time for Love – so we must take the opportunity whilst we have it with both hands and love boundlessly and enthusiastically!

Just like Pasha always did.

And will continue to do….. in the unseen dimension close-by…..

Blessings Pasha!

Vale dear Friend!