The American Psychological Association researched how truly comfortable people were with themselves.

They asked a mixed cohort of people to make a choice to either sit comfortably alone with their private thoughts for fifteen minutes OR give themselves electric shocks.

67 percent of men chose electric shocks.

25 percent of women chose to zap themselves as well.

That equates to almost half the people who took part in the research being less worried about getting zapped with electric shocks – indeed actually preferring to give themselves electric shocks – rather than spending just 15 minutes of quality time with the one person above all else who means more to them than anyone else – themselves.

As humans, are we really that scared of knowing ourselves?

Admittedly, we live in a ‘switched on’ society – but it seems many of us are so switched on that we fear the consequences (in other words, our thoughts) if it we’re ever switched off from the humdrum of physical activity and ‘real life’ for as little as fifteen minutes!

This is such a tragedy!

‘Real life’ moves from being a magnificent journey we take through life to being a cruel prison that keeps us employed day and night breaking the stones of (very often senseless) activity.

So what’s the answer?

Once a day – every day – stop.


Close your eyes and ears.

Go within.

Breathe in s-l-o-w-l-y through your nose.

Fill your belly.

Then let the air escape quietly through your mouth.

Start to get comfortable with the energy you find inside (it’s you!).

Set the timer for 3 minutes to start.

Then try 5 minutes.

Work up to 8 minutes.

Settle in to 10 minutes of  genuine “Me Time”.

Listen to what you tell yourself.

Promise to incorporate ‘you’ into your life…..

Feel your feelings.

Soak in the awesome power you touch within (yes, it’s you!).

Round it up to 15 minutes.

Realise that you become healthier, happier, more joyful, more capable, more creative, more positive, more open to life’s opportunities, love, kindness and compassion simply by being “Me, Myself and I” for just 15 minutes every day.

Now, that has to be the easiest self-empowerment workshop you’ll ever come across!!

100% guaranteed.

Peace Be Within You!


Love and Blessings,


Community Of The Heart

Ps: The answer is YES, Trudi and I have now found our new venue
(and new home) and so new retreats ARE definitely coming this year!