Here’s one of my favourite jokes that I often tell in workshops…..


There was a very rich man (Mr Smith) who prayed to St Peter incessantly asking if he could take his money with him when he went to heaven.

St Peter kept saying no – you just come as yourself, naked – but the man kept asking.

Exasperated, St Peter spoke to God and told him the man was driving him crazy.

So God took pity on St Peter and said “Tell him he can bring whatever he can fit into one suitcase if he really wants to”.

Mr Smith was delighted at the news and converts all his wealth into gold bars which he puts into a suitcase under his bed.

One day there’s a man in the queue at the Pearly Gates with a big suitcase.

“Sorry sir, but no luggage” called out St Peter.

“But you said I could bring one suitcase!” called out the man.

“Oh! Sorry sir! Are you Mr Smith?”

“Yes!” said the man.

St Peter was intrigued……

”So in there is all your worldly worth, eh?” he asked.

“Yes!” Said Mr Smith..

“Can I take a peep?” asked St Peter, intrigued.

Mr Smith proudly opened the suitcase to reveal block after block of solid gold.

“Wow!” said St Peter in amazement……

“That’s your worldly worth, is it?”.

“Yes!” said Mr Smith, beaming with pride…..

“They’re just ordinary paving stones up here!” said St Peter…….

What we accumulate in life – what we get – are just things and nothing is of lasting value, no matter what it is.

But what we’ve got and always had – a loving, caring, helpful, selfless nature – will always be ours to use, to share and to enjoy.

We’ve got it all already!

So we don’t need to find alternate things to make us feel worthy.

The secret isn’t to focus on what we can get whilst we’re here – big bank accounts, big houses, expensive cars, big boats, rare stamps, awards, prestige, popularity, fame and all the rest of the glitter trappings –  but to focus on what we’ve always got (deep in our hearts and our souls) and share that rich and abundant spiritual connection around – authentic compassion and genuine selfless kindness – right here and right now.

Let the real sharing begin!

Peace Be Within You!

Love and Blessings,


Community Of The Heart

Ps: The answer is YES, new, exciting retreats ARE coming this year!

Full details as soon as Trudi and I find our forever home……