So often in our searching for Truth and God we think we have to give up all our material and physical things (and most of our emotional states) in order to find and embrace the Divine Presence.

But this is not so!

The purpose of the Search is simply to find God within.

When we do so this will certainly change our lives! And the more we embrace the Divine the more our lives will certainly change!

But we won’t have to give up the house, the car, the job, the hobby, the sports interest or the shops.

We will see each of these things differently.

And we will treat them differently. With more appreciation.

But we won’t have to give them up.

They’re part of what it is to be a great spiritual being having a physical existence.

Nor will we have to give up our emotional states and turn into some kind of emotionless guru.

We won’t suddenly stop being impatient, annoyed, mistrustful, short-tempered, shy, timid, sexual, egotistical, or maybe lacking in confidence. (Even the Dalai Lama has admitted to be short-tempered!).

But we will view our emotions differently. And we will deal with them when and as they arise with greater awareness and wisdom.

But we won’t have to give them up.

They’re part of what it is to be a great spiritual being having an emotional existence.

This is the secret most guides don’t share with you: you are asked to give up nothing.

You are simply asked to go within and realize what you are: the very Spirit of Life itself, expressing itself as best it can, moment to moment.

Some times you’ll be awesome.

At other times, awful.

That’s okay.

There’s no-one to judge you (other than yourself, of course).

And as you experience your True Self more and more you’ll find it easier to work with the forces of the Universe…..so more and more of your days will be like diamonds (and fewer like stones).

This week, go deep within and let the Divine Presence guide you a little more

Relax with it. Just let it happen as easily as falling off a log.

And simply watch how you change on the outside the more you embrace the inside!

Boundless Love