So often in life we hold ourselves back from many of life’s experiences by being afraid of what might happen……

things might not work out….

we might go broke……

it might not last….

it might not be what we want…..

there might be something better……

it might hurt…..

it might not be what we think……

In reality, all these “excuses” are generated through fear of the external, the world around us and its ability to change the course of our destiny.

The answer, if we are brave, is to trust.

But this trust is not a ‘lets-hope-for-the-best’ kind of fatalism.

Nor is it a fictional trust that the universe will always deliver exactly what we want.

Or even a childish trust that God is personally and closely looking after us.

Instead it’s a Self-Trust.

This Self-Trust assures us that we are always, ultimately, safe.

It assures us that, come what may, we have the answers, the strength, the courage, the wherewithal, deep within to handle whatever the world throws at us.

Only from that place deep within can we find that Self-Trust.

And whenever we do go deep within, that Self-Trust is always what we find.

Self-Trust is the ultimate answer to our sense of fear.

It removes fear as the impetus and generator of our actions – and replaces “might” with “can”.

As Denise, a subscriber, wrote this week on Facebook)…….” One of the greatest lessons I learnt from Heartland was to come at life from Love. It hasn’t meant that the difficult times and things don’t happen – but how I react and live through them is so different. Also more loving actions and experiences occur…….”.

This week, go deep within and let the Voice of Self-Trust guide your actions.

Watch how you become effortlessly emboldened and confident.

Boundless Love