Conversations With Spirit #34

I sat at my computer, silently, without any agenda……

After our last conversation, let’s discuss Passion….

Passion? Do you mean sex?….

Not particularly. I was referring more broadly to the energy you give whatever you focus on. That might be sex or love but it may equally be a cause or a project or a vision that sets your energy on fire…..  

I think for some people the only thing they get passionate about is sex.

Maybe some people…..but that’s because that’s where they’re at in that moment. But over time what might ignite their passion could change altogether.

Into what?.

Maybe a passion to be successful in business or in politics …..or maybe in some creative art form or skill….or maybe in some humanitarian venture or community endeavour….

That covers just about any human activity!

That’s because just about any human endeavour – from the sporting field to the garden nursery, from the cot to the schoolyard, from the farm to the hospital…. can inflame and empower the passion everyone possesses within!

I agree – so what is it you want me to understand….?

Too often you are boring. Your passion fizzes and splutters and almost dies……..

I beg your pardon?

You heard me. Sometimes, you just roll along from moment to moment, most often just doing what you already know what to do the way you already know how to do it….

That makes sense to me! I use less energy and achieve the best result.

Do you truly achieve the best result? Or maybe you just achieve the result you expect will maintain your status quo….?

What’s so wrong with that….?.

Nothing if you intend to maintain the status quo. But if you want to own your innate greatness and spiritual worth, I’d suggest there’s a lot wrong with it! Did Jesus or Buddha maintain the status quo? What about Luther or Gandhi?

Nanak or Eddie Mabo? Mother Theresa or Nelson Mandela?

Jack Spong or The Dalai Lama? Og Mandino or Wayne Dyer?

No….they lived their passion!

That’s unfair….You can’t suggest that Jesus is in the same category as Mrs Smith from 10 Smith Street, Smithfield……

I can – and I do! Did not Jesus say that it was the truth that anyone who had faith in him (and what he taught)  would do what he had been doing. In fact, they would do even greater (that is, more widespread) things than Jesus…..?

I get the point. But Jesus, indeed all those you mention, are truly great men and women….I’m just plain old me.

Most of us on planet Earth are just plain old “me’s”…..

I can’t believe your response! Are you not – yourself and each and every other life-form – my own living Spirit?

Do you not contain My Life-Force within your own uniquely individual form? Indeed, did not Jesus also tell you that you were all gods?

Yes, but that doesn’t mean we can all fully access it…..

Agreed, Les! Indeed, if you were all meant to equally access your True Selves (the God Within) I would have created you thus. But you all have access to much Life-Force – and it is this Life-Force that empowers you to make the most of yourselves. That is the source of your passion!  

So you’re suggesting that our general habits – our everyday programs – often get in the way of us living our passion?

Sadly, yes.

And the answer is?

To express yourselves from Mindfulness. To come from a loving state of Awareness. To embrace the greatness you find yourselves to be within without fear or hesitation.

To live consciously in other words?

As best you can, moment to moment…..

So not necessarily all the time….

Not unless your name is Jesus!

But more than just doing what comes easy….

Absolutely…And passion will reward you with rewards far beyond what comes easy! Indeed whilst it may make your life far from easy – it will also ensure a life fulfilled beyond measure…..and rewarded beyond hope.