Conversations With Spirit #35

I was lying in bed, early in the morning when I became aware I had a Spirit visitor……his conversation with me was, for me, maybe the most jaw-dropping of them all…..


Okay, I know you’re with me….I’m awake now….

Are you, Les? Sometimes I doubt that…..  

What does that mean?

Well, maybe you’re physically awake but I doubt that you are mentally awake……Actually – as I never really doubt – I can say with certainty that sometimes you’re not mentally awake or aware at all.

Well, none of us is always sparkle-arkle-ing, you know!

No, but some at least put in a little more effort….

That’s not very friendly.

No? Well, it’s truthful. Can I give you the most blatant example of non-or-foggy-thinking you’ve ever suffered – and suffered, I might add, most of your life?  

Go ahead – I’m all ears…..

Let’s start at the end and work back……do you remember when you were interstate and the Minister’s wife died…. and she sent you a message of goodbye and thanks from the “other side”?

I do.

And when the lady was rushed to hospital in another state but died? She woke you up at 1 in the morning to say thankyou and goodbye…..

I remember.

Do you remember those many visitors to Heartland who saw

Will your dog running down the pathway long after his body had been laid to rest?

I remember their puzzlement as we didn’t have a big black dog at that time – and nor did any neighbours.

There are many memories you have of people and animals who had died revisiting you for one reason or another, eh?

Yes, that’s true.

Do you also remember the times when each of your children saw a person who had long ago passed over standing in their way in the bathroom, the hallway and by a bedroom door?

We could never forget that….

Nothing forgettable in any of those events, was there?

Not at all…..

Do you also remember the time someone who had recently “passed over” was clearly heard by a large number of people both whistling and even clattering about the kitchen  …..?

I certainly do! Our toilet was on the other side of that kitchen and everyone was scared to go until the clattering stopped!

And then there was the event with your home in Maleny….

When the door-lock wouldn’t work to let you in at all when you first bought the old house – but then suddenly repaired itself……only to stop working from the inside to let you out five years later when you sold the house….

Yes, we had to use a ceiling to floor sash window to get in and out …..

Are you starting to get a hint where I’m taking this, Les?

Maybe something to do with psychic phenomena?

Well, maybe in a way, you’re getting close….but I think you’ll be somewhat surprised…..

Do you remember what happened when Yogananda died?  

I do. A notarized statement signed by the Director of Forest Lawn

Memorial‑Park testified: “No physical disintegration was visible in his body even twenty days after death.This state of perfect preservation of a body is, so far as we know from mortuary annals, an unparalleled one. Yogananda’s body was apparently in a phenomenal state of immutability.”

That was just 70 years ago…..

It still amazes me….

And so it should! Do you remember the story of Shanti Devi?

Very much so…from the age of 4 or 5 she remembered her previous life as a wife who died ten days after giving birth in another Indian state.

She could name her still alive husband and describe his features, his work and the layout and exact location of their home. She even knew his nickname, his special facial feature (a mole) and his favourite foods.

Mahatma Gandhi himself took her back to her described previous home where she easily recognised her husband, his brother and various other members of her past-life family as well as many events that had happened there……

Absolutely…and do you remember that Yeshua lived after his death and efficiently communicated with a great many people….?

Well, I don’t remember it personally, but it’s reported he was seen by and shared with maybe a few hundred people.

Do you know many other similar instances ?

Yes, I do….

So you are personally aware – through your own experience  as well as through the certified reports of others –that there is life after death?

Of course I am….

So would you agree that you recognise that those who have passed over are often still able to interact with those still living at your particular vibrational level?

Yes, I absolutely agree.

And you can attest to this via your own hearing, seeing, feeling and experiences….?


So then, tell me, Les…..knowing you know people as well as you do….why do so many people fear death as if it was a final full stop?

To be continued next week……