Someone once wrote: “Humanity is on a journey to allow a greater presence of love in our lives”.
Our teachers can arrive at any time……
This is part of my story…..


I once had a very small pet baby piglet.

I named her Matilda and called her ‘Tildy’…..

Tildy lived with the dogs, slept with the dogs, barked like the dogs, ate voraciously like the dogs and ended up thinking she was a dog.

She turned into a very, very, big 400 kg dog-like pig.

Nature kicked in and she very, very badly wanted a boyfriend.

So much so that she chased the terrified man next door.

Sadly, council said she had to go.

So I searched high and low for a piggery that would accept Tildy as a breeder – finally finding one some 300km away.

It was a sad day when I loaded her onto a hired well-padded horse float and took her to her new home.

Tildy was so annoyed she ate the interior of the trailer on the way.

The farmer was so delighted with his free gift he proudly showed me around his farm before I left…..

That was a mistake.

Huddled in a corner of his Nursery Barn was a tiny piglet with a broken leg. The farmer said he’d be put out of his misery soon.

You can guess the rest…..

Yes, Oink, as I named him, came home with me.

The local vet fixed his leg.

And I loved him.

But most of my menagerie – goats, horse, pony – even the chooks – were somehow unhappy with the swap and ignored him.

He became somewhat of a loner.

Then one day I was given two Chinese bantams.

The fowlyard objected strongly to their new room mates.

But Oink loved them.

He took them under his wing (so to speak) and they happily slept warmly between his slumbering legs. He would make a special grunt to advise them to move before he’d stand up.

And then they’d walk safely around the farm behind his bulk, following his curled up tail….

Whenever he went to sit down he would make the same special grunt to ensure they stood well back for safety.

Twice a day he would take them over to the fowlyard for some special chook tucker, commanding the other chooks to ‘stand back or suffer the dire consequences’……

Oink became their Mumma and Poppa and he loved them and he protected them.

The, one day, disaster struck.

A python took one of Oink’s babies for lunch.

Oink was mortified.

He went off his food.

He made very unusual bleeting sounds.

He wandered around in a daze looking everywhere for his lost baby, without success.

The surviving chook dutifully followed closely behind him.

Exhausted – and forgetting his remaining chook for a second –

Oink plonked himself down.

Yes, he plonked his heavy self down right on top of the poor chook.

We quickly buried it.

That made things much worse.

Oink became inconsolable.

He gave up all food.

His heart literally broke.

And just two days later with an almighty and agonizing cry Oink blinked and fell to the ground stone dead.

He’d had a massive heart attack.

It took two exhausting days to dig a hole big enough to lay him in.

I refused several eager offers to come and remove him from the property whilst he was still in good eating condition…..

Oink might have been a pig but he was also a great Teacher.

He taught me that we can all love everyone.

He taught me the power of love – as witnessed by my flowing tears as I remember him, thirty years later…..

He taught me that Spirit doesn’t just exist within the animals currently at the top of the pecking order on our living Life-Orb….. but it exists within every life-form – and should be honoured and respected within every life-form.

He taught me that every life-form at its core is Love.

He taught me the supremacy of love over every other emotion,

that there is nothing more important than that we be the love we truly are.

I am sure Oink is happy to know I don’t eat pig, pork, bacon or ham.

But I am certain Oink is most happy to know I loved him.

What can you do (and be) to allow a greater presence of love in your life?

What can (and will) you do to ensure your life is a true Love Story?

For that is our real purpose in being, why you and I live…….

Let’s all breathe through our heart!


Peace be within you.