There was once a sleeping man who awoke to find himself in a crowded sort of supermarket.

Everyone was holding onto an empty trolley as if waiting for a signal…..

“What’s this all about?” he asked the man standing next to him.

He was told it was a competition to see who could get the most items into their trolley before the stop sign lit up.

“How long do you get?” he asked.

“One lifetime, I think” the man answered.

A siren suddenly went off and he joined everyone else as they rushed up and down the aisles putting everything they could grab into their trollies……

First it was toys and lollies…….but soon he swooped on jobs and cars and holidays ……and then partners and children and houses and furniture………and then caravans and  cash and then more cash…. until during his final dash he grasped at super funds, pensions, holiday homes, memorabilia, boats,  overseas trips …… and even more cash…..

As he ran through the store, things fell out of the trolley like a partner here and a house there – but he always tried hard to quickly grab another to take its place.

He believed the object of the game was to gather as many things into the trolley as he possibly could.

“Times up!” called out the Timekeeper.

The man felt he was sure to win as his trolley was overflowing with things.

But then he found out that he hadn’t collected the RIGHT things like love, truth, humility, compassion, mindfulness, patience or faith…….

“Try again next time!” he was told………

What have you been gathering in your trolley?

Do those items fulfil you?

Do they feed your heart and your spirit?

Do they add REAL value to your existence?

Or are they just things for things sake?

Please ponder on this…. this week.

Many blessings……..


Peace be within you!