There were once two animals who made their way down to the waterhole to have a drink……

The first animal went down to the waters edge and saw his reflection in the water.

He became scared, got angry, got defensive and backed off.

He continuously went down and continuously tried to get to the water but he kept seeing an animal in the water and this scared him off.

And so he went without the water.

The other animal went down and he also saw his reflection in the water – yet he simply merged his head with that reflection and had his drink.

I guess each of us, to one degree or another, at various times in our lives, is one or other of those animals. It’s worth thinking about..……

Do you recognise who you truly are?

Can you embrace that truth so much….. that in simply embracing that which you find yourself to truly be you can enjoy all the abundances which the Universe has for you?

Or are you at a particular point in your life where you have forgotten who you are?

In a moment when you don’t recognise your own Divine reflection?…and so you miss out on the abundances that the Universe would lovingly and generously and easily and effortlessly give to you?

The water is always there, it’s always available to us.

We simply have to go down to it, bypass our fears, embrace our truths….. and drink from the always sustaining waters of life……

Something to think about this week…


Peace Be Within You,