We all do it sometime.
We blame our partner for this……we blame our children for that…..
We blame our parents for the way we were brought up.
We blame our workplace for our life.
We blame our friends for leading us astray.
We blame our government for not doing enough.
We blame the taxi driver for the traffic delays.
We blame the shopkeeper for the damaged fruit.
We blame the neighbor for having a party.
We blame the church for its attitude.
We blame the weather.
We blame the seasons.
We blame God.

We do everything we can to put the blame for everything we can on someone else. Anyone else!
To blame is to hold guilty and responsible.
So we hold others guilty and responsible – if we possibly can – for everything that happens in our life contrary to our own personal preferred plan. Our opportunities, our outcomes, our behavior, their behavior…….we have a plan for everyone and everything……….and if only everyone would stick to it!!
But – not surprisingly – they don’t.
So we find them guilty and we blame them.
When we’re unable to blame someone else we find ourselves guilty and apportion blame inwardly.

This blame-game is self-destructive in every way.
We destroy our own value and worth when we blame – regardless of who it is we blame.
We fail to take personal responsibility.
Responsibility for own behavior.
For how we handle our challenges and limitations.
For how we handle our work.
For how we handle our parents, children and partner.
For how we deal with external abuse.
For how we live.
And even for how we handle the weather, the neighbours, the church and the inlaws….

When we spiritually awaken we understand that it’s not what happens to us……but how we handle it……that is the mark of an Advanced Soul.
No-one ever gets what they want on this planet.
But we can all take responsibility for how we handle what we get.
And we handle it best – free of any blame – with Loving Unconditioned Compassion and Kindness!

Who do you need to stop blaming in order to be happier?
Blessings and hugs,