Welcome to the new year!

Actually every day is the start of a new year.

And at a planetary level every moment is both brand new and totally ageless.

Late last year I mentioned that “we are all aspects of the Divine” and also that “we are each born as a Messenger of God”.

I strongly encourage you to let that deeply sink in.

To truly acknowledge these truths of our being.

The deeper within we go during meditation, chant, creativity or wrapt absorption in music or mantra the greater our stillness expresses itself.

The deeper our stillness goes, the more expansive and embracing our love and lovingness becomes.

And that’s because we embrace the God within.

We shuck off our hurts, our wants, our fears and our insecurities

And we find solace and security in the Divine.

That Divine is within us.

It IS us!!

It is the very core of who we are.

Here. Now.

Before. After.


In that sense everyone of us is an aspect of God.

That’s why we call our planetary space the ‘universe’.

Because it is.

In Latin….

Uni – One

Versus – Turned….

Universe – One turned into the many………

Without needing to join any cult or church we can all find God.

By simply going within.

Finding our stillness.

Finding our Love.

And then being it when we return to the outside world.

Being Love in business.

Being Love in family.

Being Love in community.

Being Love in politics.

Being Love in health and healing.

Being Love in our every moment.

It’s not up to “them’ at all but up to each and every one of ‘us’!

That – and only that – will give us the tools (the Love) to repair and heal society.

That – and only that – will lead to a truly new year that is anchored in Peace, Kindness, Inclusivity, Compassion and Caring.

And only that will bring about the world we all deeply seek!!

May you have an enriched, fulfilling and fruitful year!

Peace Be Within You!


Love and Blessings,